Interview with Caramelaw Creator of Pollips

Today I have the pleasure to have an interview with Caramelaw a local female artist who did Pollip dolls and also her Candy arts.

Hi Caramelaw, let's begin with your Candy art first. How does Candyart come about?
I love colours and cuteness. I tend to reflect that in my art.
Cute + Morbid. That sums it up my style perfectly.

* Cherry Lolitas

I’m also a big nature lover. Be it trees, animals, flowers, mushrooms, rainbows, raindrops…anything! It plays a big part in my art creations. I love how beautiful and perfect mother nature is. I think the world should learn from its beauty and not take anything on earth for granted. Whenever I create art, I hope it brings a smile to those who look at it. The colors, the characters and the love that is put into it.

Back in school I was into anime and manga. I draw lots of characters from the comic, CLAMP. After awhile I got bored and decided to break away from that because that just isn't satisfying my creativity by doing fan art. Therefore I started to develop my own style of illustration. This came to me about 4 years ago. The piece "My World of Madness" was the 1st piece of artwork that triggered the caramelaw style. Once that style was created, everything else fell into place. :)

What normally went through your mind and get you started to design your candyart?
It usually starts with a handy sketchbook. I go out, I get inspired, scribble them down, bring the treasure home and start to do more constructive sketching.

Honestly I have no idea how my artwork would turn out to be when I start making them into vector illustrations. It just takes on a life of its own as I make progress.

Its fascinating beacuse I never know what to expect. But the results are always satisfying.

Do you do many version in colors during your design of Candyart just to see how it looks?
Its usually only one version.

How did Anime influence and inspire your art pieces?
My favourite animation movies are Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki, Paprika by Satoshi Kon and 2 trailer animations by Takashi Murakami which he directed for Louis Vuitton called Superflat Monogram and Superflat First Love.

The originality of each of these animations is out of this world and touched me deeply, akin to a child believing in fairy tales. It was so inspiring and they made me feel like a child again,that anything can happen if you believe in it. I can watch all these over and over again and each time feeling more inspireded than the last. These artists motivate me to believe in what I love to do.

If there's one thing that anime has inspired me, that would be imagination.TREMENDOUS amounts of imagination. After watching anime especially the ones I mentioned above, they never fail to implant images and ideas into my head. I would adsorb all these inspirations and create monsters or intruiging characters. I will then explore and generate senseless illustrations. The wierder the illustration turns out, the happier I am. :)

Are your art work relate to more of your personal experience or inspiration of other artist?
As much as I am inspired by Takashi Murakami and many others, I think ultimately I'm creating art for myself. The world of Caramelaw that defines me as an artist.

Which is your favorite Candyart so far and why?
My favorite piece by now would be “Trees in Heaven.”

The idea behind it was to feature happy looking trees not on earth but floating above on clouds. In that world, Squirrels tend to their needs, birds with watering cans attached to their feet water the trees. Its like an afterlife, a view of what happens to trees after people chop them down. For so many years they provided us with wood, shelter and clean air with no complaints, they deserve to go to heaven. But yet, people are still taking nature for granted. It’s a message that everyone needs to understand. We only have one earth. Love it. :)

Now let's talk about your Pollip dolls. When was your first attempt to do customize design on toys and which toy was it? What make you want to customize it?
A few years ago when my pomeranian passed away due to old age. I missed her so much I just wanted to make something that would remember her by. I had a black blank Quee figure and started to doodle on it.

It wasn't the prettiest thing I've done but it certainly did ignite something within me. I like the feeling of customizing toys. Someday I would love to create my own set of vinyl toys.

Did you ever fear or did mistake during the customization? If yes, how did you overcome it?
Mistakes are unavoidable. If its beyond repair I'll think of an alternative and turn that mistake into something else depending on what that mistake is.

Its pretty amazing actually, sometimes mistakes you made could turn out to be something else which you least expect. So even if I did screw up a piece of a custom, I'll usually keep it in a box and use it for something else. Never throw anything away! You'll never know when it will come in useful.

It's seems that every Pollip doll you customize comes with a customize pony. Why is that?
Vintage My Little Ponies have always been something I adored since I was a little girl. It never left me. I was introduced to Pullip dolls a year ago on MLParena. Then it was madness from here.I was obsessed with these 2 ever since. My love for Pullip Dolls and Vintage My Little Ponies lead me to create the Pollips. (Pony + Pullip = Pollip)

How do your fan go about request your work on Pollip?
I'm currently not taking on commissions for Pollips. I love taking my time making Pollips and not having to worry about someone waiting for me to finish it. With the amount of stress and deadlines I face at work, I certainly do not want to feel that way when it comes to making my Pollips. I want to enjoy the process of planning and making them. Having said that, I do get fans requesting for a Pollip of a certain look. Just because they wanted to see something different from time to time. I do appreciate their enthusiasm and support. They provide some great ideas and that always encourages me to make more Pollips. If someone is interested in purchasing any of my Pollips they may contact me straight at :)

What's the effort for customizing one Pollip
It could take up to weeks to make one. Most of the time spent would go to the face-up. Sanding off stock makeup and applying new pastel eyeshadows and blushes.

Followed by the distinctive face paint or face tattoo. I usually take my time to look for the perfect outfit as well. Modifying it by adding suitable laces, ribbons, beads, ornaments or jewellery. Depending on the design of the doll itself.

After all that jazz, there's still the customizing of the pony which is a little more time consuming due to the re-rooting of the hair. I only use vintage My Little Ponies so these ponies are dirtied with age which requires some time to clean too.

So in all, Pollips requires lots of attention and planning to create. :)

All your Pollip is one and only? Will there be a day to do a duplication because it look so good?
I guess its not about duplicating when I make my Pollips. The time and effort in making one is what satisfies me. The results too of course.

They are made to be exclusive and one of a kind. That's what makes them special.

I can see you put a lot of heart to your Pollip which you even give a birth cert to them. Do you feel sad when you sent them away to their new owner and how do you deal with that feeling?
Its always a little unbearable to send them away. Its like sending away a part of me since I put in lots of effort in creating them. Almost like sending a child of my own.

*Pollip Birth cert

Its part of customizing I suppose. Eventually they will be sold off to make room for newer Pollips. I would usually have photo shoots for my Pollips before sending them off to their new owner. To keep as part of my Pollip portfolio and remember them by. I'll also request the new owner to take some photographs of the Pollip in their new home. Makes me happy to see them safe in another continent.

Which is the your favorite Pollip you did so far?
That's a difficult question. LOL. All of them are!
I would have to say Lovely Bunny Berrie would be my favourite so far. There's something about her look that makes me smile all the time. :)

*Lovely Bunny Berrie Pollips

Do you customize other toys beside Pullip dolls and little pony?
I am planning for a few more vinyl or wooden toy customs.
I had 2 Blank Neighborwood DIY figures at home. I think they are feeling neglected cuz' I've not started anything on them yet! Will do so soon. I think it's gonna be fun. :)
Its good to custom other toys once in a while.

Thank you Caramelaw for having with us this interview. I am certainly keeping my eye peel on this young female artist and her Pollips. :) Feel free to comment too. :)

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