HGUC Gundam Double Zeta Preview

Today we have a preview of HGUC 1/144 Gundam Double Zeta (a.k.a Gundam ZZ) model kit which will be releasing on the 17th June world wide.

PS: This model kit in this preview have no decal applied but just some simple paneling.

Here we have Gundam ZZ with the features of most signature Gundam.

The obvious difference is he look bulkier with the Jet pack and some additional wings and parts. Although looking bulky, it still have a good balance. Due to this design,it comes with more parts to assemble and more instructions due to the various mode it can get into.

For weapons, it comes with rifle Canon which will be important for the transformation later on...

and double beam swords. (Note that I only use one sword as the other sword handle is still at the back of him)

On closed up, you will get to see head mounted High Mega Cannon.

As for transformation to either Plane mode or Robot mode, it require some breaking up and putting back some parts. Here's an example of transforming the Leg to a Jet.

To do that, you need to separate the parts to the individual section of the leg and remove the parts

And then reassemble them with some parts in different manners while removing and inserting new part.

Gundam ZZ can transformed into two planes from one body. Cool!

As a model kit, this plane make up of the parts of the Rifle Canon (cockpit), Torso and both arms of Gundam ZZ.

While the other plane make up of parts from the lower half of Gundam ZZ, Jet pack and the a mini plane (Neo Core Fighter) that was not in the parts of robot mode of the model kit.

Here's a close up on the Neo Core Fighter.

This plane mode had something that I think most of us would like. Loads of Missiles!!!

If these two plane mode is not enough for you, you can combine them into one plane by removing the mini plane and you will have this! Don't worry about the weight, it comes with a stand to support the plane in this mode as a base.

With that, you have some remaining parts which you can keep till you want to display it back to robot mode.

The plus point of this Gundam ZZ model kits are the various vehicles it can transformed into and the size of this Gundam in robot mode but the down side would be the transformation is not that straight forward like transforming a Transformers toys. However we should give credit to the designers who come out with these transformation no less.

I guess Gundam ZZ has it fair chances of fans. Are you one of them? If you are, look out for this model kit in June!

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