HGFC 1/144 God Gundam Review

Today is a Preview or a Review of God Gundam. Some in US will know this Gundam as Burning Gundam due to the sensitivity of the word God. I have no idea why they called it God Gundam in the first place. Is it because he is the most powerful ALMIGHTY Gundam? Anyway on with the review.

As a model kit God Gundam was one colorful Gundam. The striking Yellow, Red and Blue against white just give me a LOUD personality. God Gundam made out of two parts. The Mobile Suit and the plane.

When you combine it together, the plane give God Gundam wings and it look manificent when the wings are all spread out.

Since we are on the subject of Flight, you maybe interested to know that the lower leg can be opened up for the Jetting effect. I am pleased with that detail.

His chest be lifted up to reveal his energy multiplier.

It also allow the hanging of the beam sword tint on his side. Nice detail there.

The Two beam swords were given to him and the blades were in different length.

God Gundam can channelled the power of his Gundam into a single sword strike and that's it!

This Gundam specializing in Melee fighting and had a good sense of balance! Here's a KICK!

It comes with different pairs of hands such as the palm.

The Fists... (awfully familiar pose)

And his deadliest weapon the God Fingers

God Finger's power allowed God Gundam to plunge its hand into an enemy mobile suit and discharge its power in a secondary technique called "Heat End" that exploded its opponent. So never let him touch you with those hands!

Overall I like this God Gundam model kits as it is quite flexible and the design and color are striking. God Gudam is really one a kind and definately a must have for Gundam collector.

By the way, he quite good in playing football too. Catching the world cup fever. LOL

This model kit will be releasing later in May. Look out for it!

PS: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all Mothers! Here's what happen last year mother's day.


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