A Gift from Dutch Purple Rabbit

Over two weeks ago I received a package from Netherlands. It was from the Dutch Purple Rabbit, one of my friends, a toy lover and a great supporter of this toy blog. When I opened the package, I saw these cute collectibles.

First was Spider-man. Knowing that I have some spider-man toys, she give this spider-man to me from her collections.

She's a Super Mario fan and when she learned that I am one because of my Super Mario collections, she gave me some Super Mario stuff like this Mini Mario collectibles.

To add on, she gave me a mint Super Mario Galaxy keychain too!

It's an official Nintendo Wii merchandises key chain. WOW!

But the one that touched me the most was this old vintage Eraser from her husband and her collections. The Eraser is design look old as it was from 1984 but the Eraser is still in mint condition!

Her husband and her parted with this piece of vintage which had been in their collection of them for years to me. I felt so touched.

I believe it was a Gobot design rather than Transformers Eraser. Can anyone confirm?

A big thank you to the Dutch Purple Rabbit and her husband for their precious gift to me. I can see she and her husband went through great length to deliver these gifts to me.

Thank you!


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