The Eight Smurfs Part 2

Continue the Smurfs count down from my previous post of the remaining 4.

#5 Greedy Smurf (Cartoon Version)
It is not a no secret that Greedy Smurf is a good cook. He always ate what he cooked. Although Greedy, he was never selfish as he often cook for everyone.

In the package given by Eric, there was this cooking set. I am pretty sure this belongs to Greedy.

It is a good thing he can cook and eat what he cooked. I couldn't imagine if he just eat and not cook.

The next Smurf I am not really sure who he is but judging on his appearance, he could be another version of Greedy Smurf.

#6 Greedy Smurf (Movie Version)??
This Smurf comes with a pink napkin and having a cup cake. So I guess it is the Greedy Smurf in Movie version. Source.

See how anxious he is to eat the cup cake? Say ArH...

Well that's my guess. If you know the answer, let me know ya?

#7 Jokey Smurf
"Hey I got a Surprise for you!" so here's Jokey Smurf, one of the famous Smurf.

We all know what is the Surprise inside the gift box. Now matter how sincere Jokey may look, never give in to accept the box. More information on Jokey Smurf here.

Will OTTi fall for the Joke?

I hope he do. That will be a sight to see. LOL

#8 Grouchy Smurf
Another famous Smurfs. Grouchy Smurf who hates Everything.

There is nothing you can do that make him like anything.

and I mean anything.

Look like OTTi found a friend. LOL More of Grouchy Smurf.

So that's wrap up all the Eight Smurf I received from Bubba Shelby. Check out Bubba Shelby remaining Smurfs!. I have to say I really fall in love with these Smurfs.

Are you in love with them too?


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