The Eight Smurfs Part 1

Recently I received a generous gift from Eric Stettmeier AKA Bubba Shelby from Toyriffic. They are none other by Smurfs! Total 8 of them.

I have read Eric writing on Smurfs when he got a gift for his daughter and that remind me of one of the Smurf that I used to have. I tried to search for the recent release over over at my end but there was none. And when I asked him for help, he just answered me by giving some of the Smurfs in his collection. He packed it in a box and paid the shipping fees of USD $10 to send to me.

Eric told be that some of these Smurfs were given to him by Reis from Geek Orthodox. Eric kept some of the Smurfs and pass some of it to me to share. Talk about freely you received and freely give. At this point I want to say a Big Thank you to Reis and Eric.

I have break this review in Two parts (Four each) so to give more rooms on these cute Smurfs that won my heart over instantly. So let's get started!

#1 Hefty Smurf

Hefty is one Smurf that take pride on his strength and the most courageous of all the Smurfs. He is always played a big brother role to help out his fellow Smurfs whenever he sees a need. However sometime he can get too carry away and being realistic in some situation. He is the only Smurf who have a heart-with-arrow tattoo on his arm.
br /> More of Hefty Smurf here.

#2 Vanity Smurf
If you want to talk about self-confident, Vanity Smurf would be on top of the list. He is the only Smurf who had a pink flower on his hat. He often had a Mirror with him so that he can constantly look at himself.

In the bulk items I received, there was no mirror but flowers that I think it fitted his hand nicely. So Pink flowers for him.

Since he is Vain, I decided to give one more shot on him. Doesn't he look cute in this shot?
More of Vanity Smurf here.

#3 Wild Smurf
Wild Smurf in my opinion is a all natural organic Smurf. Why so? Well all his garments are self made by leaf like material.

Because of that, he is one Smurf that stand out from the rest without the white cap Smurf usually wear. See? He stood out from the crowd visually.

On this figure, you can see the information of the Smurf series on his back.

More of Wild Smurf history here.

#4 Brainy Smurf
Now we have a in-famous Smurf of them all who always quote "Papa Smurf always said...". Brainy Smurf.

Brainy Smurf always get on everyone nerve with his self claimed and boast. It is sad that most of us can identify and relate to such personality in real life too.

I doubt he is the smartest but we should give him credit for being one of the Smurfs that standout in top few Smurf we can remember and always crack us up when he was being boot out when he started "preaching" by some Smurf like the following.

yes being Pied! LOL

Part 2 of the Smurfs here.

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