Coming Kotobukiya Rockman

This is a classic character which many of us will be familiar with. Meet Rockman (in Japanese known as Mega man).

Kotobukiya Rockman can do various pose that he does in the Nintendo game.

The model kit capture the features and the characters of Rockman. Do you remember the "E" Energy drink? Have a can Rockman!

The hand canon can be attached in either hands and here's Rockman in action shooting various energy bolts!

Personally I am looking forward to this model kits which has decent joints and good accessories like 3 facial expressions.

This Kotobukiya model kit that will be releasing in September 2010 and I hope to get my hands on this. Somehow I have a feeling more variation of Rockman in colors will be coming after this like Hoi Hoi-san... Will it be that way?

By the way, you remember him best as Rockman or Megaman?


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