Ami as GSR Miku Hatsune

Over last week end, I was invited by Hexlord to go for a cosplay photoshoot by Ami あみ as Miku Hatsune together with Fariz Asuka and Fuzzy.

Here's Ami あみ as Good Smile Racing Miku Hatsune.

OTTi: Oh Miku! I love Miku Hatsune!

Ami from Philippines was in town and that day and she cosplayed as Good Smile Racing Miku Hatsune. What better place to take the shots at Singapore Formula One Race track in town.

OTTi: Go Go Miku Hatsune!

Hexlord had everything in mind as he went down to work in no time.
Here are some of awesome shots by Hexlord on location.

More of Hexlord shots here.

Fuzzy was really happy to see a LIVE Miku cosplay.

It was a very Sunny day but Ami still kept her professionalism to take the cosplay shots under the hot and humid weather in Singapore.

OTTi: Wow that's really professionism. How many girls will do that?

I have to add that the Kyouran Kyōdai brothers know how to take care of Miku under the hot sun.

Maybe that make Ami look cool under the hot Sun shoot.

OTTi: Miku is cool as always. :D

In my personal opinion, Ami cosplay Miku very well. I guess that comes with her good understanding of Miku Hatsune and love she have for her. Can you tell the two Miku apart?

OTTi: I seconded that. I love all things of Miku!

How can racing goes without a car?

OTTi: Car? What car?

The question is what type of sport car should Miku race with? A BMW?

OTTi:I do know a BMW Z4 that has Miku Vocaloid decal somewhere on the net.

Let's see Miku goes behind the wheels!

OTTi:So cute! Wait! That's really a BMW!

Do you think Miku hold a driving licences?

OTTi: It's not that important.  Even if she don't know how to drive, I will gladly drive her around!

Okay let's assume Miku can drive.

OTTi: Hey! What make you think Miku can't drive?

At this point, I have to give credit to Fuzzy for his faithful contribution in supporting us for the lighting. Without him, the photo may not look so good as they are.

Here's a shot of Miku day dreaming. :)

OTTi: Maybe dreaming about me?

I want to thank Hexlord for the invitation and hang out with the Kyouran Kyōdai brothers . I really had a good time!

Last but not least, I want to thank Ami for being so sporting to pose for our shots and willingness to take a cute photo with OTTi. More of Ami cosplay can be found on her deviantART or her Face Book.

OTTi: It was a dream came true!

Lucky OTTi got another shots with Miku by Hexlord.

So that's wrap up my photoshoot outing last weekend. There are so much more in photography I need to learn. Hope that I can pick up some more skills from some Pro as time goes by. By the way, here's a interview of Ami by kyourankyodai.


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