When The Pink Poodle meet OTTi

This week OTTi met with The Pink Poodle from bubbashelby an artist and a Toy collector and Blogger from toyriffic. I like the way his own impression of OTTi.

If you must know The Pink Poodle is a very attractive woman dressed in a
skimpy pink outfit but behaves in a similar fashion to a rabid dog or an angry Chihuahua. And having a dog nature, she is very attracted to OTTi as it remind her of ball.

Obviously OTTi will not let Pink poodle paws on him. Who know's if she may bite. However looking on the bright side, Pink Poodle likes OTTi to bits. LOL

More of bubbashelby and The Pink Poodle at http://thinkpinkpoodle.blogspot.com/


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