UNIQLO Dragonball T-Shirt

I was reading the paper the other day and UNIQLO in Singapore was having a UT ALL STARS Promotion. The promotion has wide range of geeky T-shirt including Japanese Manga Anime and US comic characters like Spider-man. They even have Starwars too! But what captured me was they have Dragonball T-shirt series and this shirt in the ad capture my attention.

*Note: This is not me, it is an Advertisement model found on paper

I decided to find time to get down to the Ion outlet to check it out myself.

True enough they are on SALE!!! I was glad they have various design of Dragonball T-shirt but after looking through and try on, I still go for the one I saw on the paper of young Goku and Bulma on capsule 9 motorbike! I have that toy too! :P

Total cost $24.90! It even comes with a card with Dragonball introduction.

This shirt is original license product! See this sticker?

Bird Studio and Toei Animation.

One more geeky T-shirt for me as a Dragonball fan!

They have even more other line of series during this promotion. Maybe I will get some more when they have restock for certain design. :D


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