Tamagotchi goes Music at Verison 6

It's seems like everything now is going music star or Band like American Idol, for TV series Glee, for video gaming "Rock Band", for Anime "K-ON!" and now even Tamagotchi goes Rock!

The last time I get my hands on a Tamagotchi was in the late 1990s. Today the buttons and interface seems to be different from what I used to know even though the shape of the Egg was retain.

Now it seems like Tamagotchi is going places and one of it is being a celebrity or a rock star. Maybe that is what Tamagotchi being born for to fulfilled his/her destiny.

Players in the game will have to nurture and raise their own music star.

To make things more interesting, Tamagotchi V6 music star have to go for auditions in front of a panel of judges, performs on stage in front of all their fans and can even get married to band members. We are talking about a whole life cycle here people.

And these are some snapshot of their life...

Here are the features in Tamagotchi V6:
- Play one of 8 new games and collect points
- Share achievements with 40 new Tamagotchi friends
- Choose between 6 music genres
- Collect items and souvenirs
- Customize your characters
- Create and produce your own music
- Compete with other bands
- Upload your tunes and become the #1 star in chart
- Hop online to the new Music Star website
- six musical instrument such as Guitar, Piano, Microphone, Headphones, Stars and Party to choose from your Tama

Each Tama are unique to have their own Gotchi Music Charm with an exclusive code which you can use at www.tamatown.com.

So is Tamagotchi getting interesting now? I would like to think so as it is more relevant to this generation of players where everyone want to be a Super star or High School Musical.

Maybe I should get one to play with and see if I can be a Super star's Sugar Daddy or some kind. LOL


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