Sangokuden Diao Chan 貂婵 and Dong Zhuo 董卓

For a long time I have been waiting these two character for Sangokuden BB Gundam since Lubu was out. Finally I saw the glimpse of Dong Zhuo 董卓 and Diao Chan 貂婵 from Dengkei Hobby magazine.

Here's the Dark Dong Zhuo. It was something closed that I imagined. Tall dark figure.

Somehow remind me of Jetfire in Transformers 2 movie. He is a head taller than a regular BB Gundam. Intimating for you?

Now for the beauty Diao Chan 貂婵

Beautiful for you? The eyes for me yes but the body look too bulky to be a beauty! Maybe back then chubby woman was their definition of beauty? What do you think?

Will wait for the figure of Diao Chan to go further evaluation. :)


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