Read or Die

"Read or Die" first got my attention by it's title and when I watched the anime movie, it really blew my mind away. One of the main character Yomiko Readman, codename "The Paper", got my attention and when I saw her on gashapon (capsule figure) I know I have to get her.

Do not be deceived by her studious looks, she can be quite deadly with her special power manipulating papers into any form of device at will. Although she is studious, she still quite cute in the anime.

And what do you see her doing most of the time in the anime? Reading.

Her apartment has nothing but tons and tons of books everywhere. You see her reading as she walk about on the streets and hymning "Ode of Joy".

As a British agent, her dressing are more to the decent side like a teacher.

Under that dressing, I believe she is a beauty but I guess dolling up herself just isn't her priority. If she have more time, she will spend time reading for sure.

Now coming to the fact that more and more books goes to paperless, do you think she will switch to reading on ebook? If that's the case, maybe she is reading the internet now on blogs.

Whatever it is, I am pretty sure she will say this:

Yes something that one of my language teacher said. Reading is only fun when I read what I enjoyed and that is definitely not the textbook! :P

What about you? You enjoy reading a book or a ebook?


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