OTTi goes Gundam

I have the pleasure today to have Janus Lu a comic artist and a Toy blogger from do a cross over project. Janus love my OTTi and knowing that OTTi like to cosplay and Gundam, he put them together and created these series. There are total of 8!

#1 OTTi as RX78 ex

#2 OTTi as Cannon ex

#3 OTTi as GM ex

#4 OTTi as Gouf ex

#5 OTTi as Gun Tank ex

#6 OTTi as Red Comet ex

#7 OTTi as Zeong ex

#8 OTTi as Zgok ex

I really love these drawings by Janus LuPlease vote for your favorite OTTi cosplay in this series and give a reason why you choose it.

Meanwhile OTTi seems to be tied up with something... OTTi seems to like Carmella. I guess that's normal for a guy. LOL

Do you know Janus had sexy female heroes in his comic? Check it out! Personally I like his Ms Lolipop series.


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