OTTi Custom Action Figure

Here's the truth. OTTi had become an action figure. He had his name written over his chest. :P

He is so far one of it's kind...

OTTi action figure was made possible by Ant Sized Man custom painting on a Qee collection figure.

So guys meet OTTi as a REAL action Figure toy. Now he can join in with my toy collection anytime he wants!

OTTi: Alas! I had my own action figure! I will use it to take photo with toys that I like.
Me: Such as?
OTTi: Such as Ice-bat and Domo! Those guys are cool!

Me: Yes I think you look great (in scale with those guys)
OTTi: Really? I think I look great with the sexy Meiko too!

Me: Wait a minute. I thought you pledge your devotion to Miku Hatsune?
OTTi: Oh! Oh! Of course I do! I Heart My Miku Hatsune!
Stormtroopers: Hey you look sissy and stupid with those Leeks! Hahaha

OTTi: You think that's funny? Eat this you piece of @#$!

OTTi: That will teach you! Anyone still have something to say? 

So that's OTTi and I am sure there will be more of him in time to come with your support.
OTTi: Please show me some love people!

Do OTTi look good in this action figure?

Here's the Making of OTTi


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