Meet the new Freddy Krueger from NECA

The Nightmare on Elm Street is returning to the big screen as a remake and for that NECA is presenting two different versions of the Freddy Kruger.

One before he is Pre-fire Fred Krueger which is played by actor Jackie Earle Haley.

And another the Freddy we are more familiar with but somehow this time he look more disfigure and dark. The figure comes with an interchangeable right hand, and razor-glove Freddy comes with that famous weapon and two interchangeable heads. Each figure stands 6 3/4" tall and is fully poseable (upper body only, NECA Style).

There are mixed review of this new remake movie. Personally for the face wise I like the old freddy and I remember the 1 and 2 was scary enough for me. Will this new remake spoil the franchise? What do you think?

Now you can get the toy on amazon!


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