HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Unicorn Mode] + Unicorn Head Review

The promotion of the limited Edition of HGUC 1/144 Unicorn Gundam + Unicorn Head is still on at BHG Bugis. Here is a review on HGUC Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) with the big Unicorn Head stand from there.

I know there are a fair fans for the Destroy Mode Unicorn Gundam, personally I fancy the Unicorn mode as it is plain and unique. Here are some of the action I did for the display stand. Please note that the figure and model kit are just assemble without any decal apply nor painted.

Gundam Unicorn ready to engage

Aim and Fire!

Actually I like to see Unicorn Gundam doing the Flight mode like what I saw him doing on the last Gundam Unicorn screening.

Back view of Unicorn Gundam

Get ready for close range combat!

For display function, having a Unicorn head stand is a splendid idea. Unlike the HG Unicorn Gundam model kit, the Unicorn Gundam head can transformed into both mode. Here's how it's done. From Unicorn

to Destory Mode!

I have to say the stand hold itself well for HG figure, however due to the firmness, I need to remove the figure when I want to adjust the stand height and angle. Fortunately the stand can rotate 180 degree from left to right. Here is a picture I turn it toward an angle instead of having it facing front.

You can see on a closer view of the stand adjustment. I know many will look at the Unicorn head instead. LOL

Oh! if you get a MG Titanium Sinanju at Bugis BHG, you will get a clear acrylic Sinanju base.

The Unicorn Gundam promotion will end on 17 April 2010. Meanwhile most promotional item is going 20% off including the new items.

So which do you prefer the head to be in Destroy mode or Unicorn mode?


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