HG CB001 1.5 Gundam Model Kit Preview

Today it's my pleasure to have preview of HG 1/144 1.5 Gundam Model kit which will be releasing in May. Now many would not really seen this model Gundam before as it does not have much screen time but have heard of it. So it is mysterious and now it finally join the rank as a Model kit.

1 Gundam is a half-prototype design. Here's some story of 1 Gundam. Please note that this is a sample which some paneling is being apply only. No Paint or Decal were applied.

The accessories of 1 Gundam are standard issues. 1 Beam Rifle, 1 Beam Saber and 1 Shield

The Rifle can be attached firmly using the clip concept.

It is mandatory to have a Shield and in this case, a long shield.

The additional or attached features goes to the back. Wings!

Not just any wings but Adjustable wings!

Personally I find 1 Gundam is simple and unique. No bulky stuff in design. Look light weight with good wings.

Good wings because 1 Gundam can do this spectacular pose! Take flight!

I heard many feedback on this Gundam is just another reborn but I feel 1 Gundam has it's own style capturing the best design of 00. No heavy shoulders or bulky armor which personally I don't really fancy. The down part would be it does not have lots of weapons or gadgets but I find simplicity is the best.

Look out for this HG model kit in May! Do you think 1 Gundam design is too simple? What do you think? Talk it out at my comment! :)


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