R.I.D Optimus Prime + Ultra Magnus = Omega Prime

This is a guest post from my friend,TunePimpJ03. I didn't know he was a Transformers fan until I visited his house and found some gems. At my request, he is sharing his toy photos (taken by himself) and a short write-up with us today. So over to TunePimpJ03

Like many men in their thirties, I was a huge fan of the Transformers.
(I'm no longer one now, or at least not as crazy as those who paste Transformer decals/stickers on their cars!)

As a kid, I was fortunate enough to own a few Transformers toys (though I really wished my parents would buy me more!), such as (lol please pardon me, I don't remember their names) 2 cassette tapes that transform into a stegasaurus and t-rex, a two-nosed fighter plane, 5 sea creatures that can combine into a robot, a triceratops. All these, I had before the age of 10.
My parents probably knew I had grown tired of them and got rid of them without my knowing.

The latest addition to my collection was the R.I.D Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus figures that I bought about 7 years ago. Back then, barely few years into the workforce, I came across an article that featured the toys.

I knew I had to get them no matter what. I immediately went to the Toys-R-Us store at the Forum Shopping Mall. I was filled with excitement and anticipation as I walked into the store and at the same time, I was worried that they would be sold out as they were supposedly collectibles.

These toys were sold separately back then. I left the store $140 poorer. Each one cost $70.
The last time I checked, the two figures are sold in a single package at about $160 USD on eBay.
Apparently, they are still highly sought-after, 7 years after they were launched.

Here's some pictures of the my Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus to you.

Ultra Magnus' (Vehicle Mode)

Ultra Magnus' (Robot Mode)

Ultra Magnus' Weapon, can be vehicle mounted, mounted on Omega Prime's shoudlers, or transforms into a gun

R.I.D Optimus Prime (Vehicle Mode).  Optimus Prime ladder with hidden rocket launchers

R.I.D Optimus Prime (Robot Mode, small)

R.I.D Optimus Prime (Robot Mode, large)

R.I.D Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus closed up

R.I.D Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus can be combines together

Behold Omega Prime.

Weapons Extended.

Closed up on Omega Prime

It is unfortunate that plastics, though non-biodegradable, do become brittle and discolour. Even rubber hardens and loses elasticity. After 7 years of sitting on the shelves, it was a pain trying to transform the toys into their different forms. Some joints were loose, some had gotten stiff. I had to be extremely careful to avoiding breaking the plastic joints. I would give the toys another 7 years before they start to fall apart. LOL

I hope these pictures bring back memories of the good old days when as a kid, all we had to do was go to school, finish homework, and watch Transformers. Autobots! Roll out!

TunePimpJ03 Signing off


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