Caramelaw Pollips = Pullips + Pony

Pollips is a creation from Caramelaw who customized design from face coloring to dressing fashion of a Pullip doll with a customized Pony. Here are some of her outstanding works.

Sugar Sprinkles
Sugar Sprinkles has cherries design on her cheeks. Here's a Studio shot.

Since this is a toyline, Caramelaw did her own packaging of Sugar Sprinkles.

Carnival Madness Ellie
Ellie and her pet pony, Jingles look great in these colorful Carnival color tone.

To top that up, here's a Custom package of Carnival Madness Ellie. Ellie's also adopted and on her way to her new home in Belgium!

If you have like Caramelaw works like I did, you may want to know that Caramelaw had agree to do an interview with me. Look out for it on 2 May for that exclusive interview!

More of Pollips can be found here and here

More information on Caramelaw at the following:


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