YuYu Hakusho 幽☆遊☆白書 Trading Cards

I started to read YuYu Hakusho Manga in the early 1990s and as I looked back, I think this Manga/Anime set the path for the current Anime/Manga Bleach as both are based on After-life theme. During the 90s, the story was unique. The plot was simple and good and the battles and action were exciting.

I managed to get a few trading card with the limited budget that I had and here are a few of them remain with me today.

Hiei aka 飛影 is a cool character who can move very fast. He started out as a villain but later became an ally to Yusuke Urameshi. I always find similarity of him and Vegeta in Dragonball. :P

This is the original form, the Demon Fox of Kurama 蔵馬.

Kaname Hagiri aka 刃霧要 has the abilities of being a Sniper. He was one of the villain but he never really die in the end.

When I got my hands on the Super NES games, it pushes me further for the love of the Manga. Although the game was in Japanese, I still get most of the meaning as I read the Manga. Here's some memories of the game. Playing the game is like watching Anime. LOL

Too bad they didn't revive this Anime like they did to Dragonball. Nevertheless, this Manga and Anime is timeless. Anyone who are into this Anime/Manga before? If you have not, pick up a copy and start reading it. It's Great! 灵弹!


Statwiz said…
nine but have too many card already ORZ from Yu-Gi-Oh,pokemon,dragonball ORZ ORZ
chrismandesign said…
uhmmmm... i’m not a card collector, i saw many great & fancy cards but is not my style... the ones that come with some Takaras i own r fine... however, i think these cards hav a nice graphic design, the illustrations r modern & neat, the more important thing is that they r good regards 4 u...
chubbybots said…
hmm the only cards I have are those from magic the gathering. Animewise yuyu kakusho is a classic for me :D I am rewatching the series on my DVD hehe.
Yuyu Hakuso.... classic man...

You really like trading cards huh?
I wonder if they have trading cards for all those pretty Japanese Adult Video ladies... I would love to have them... hahahahahaha
LEon said…
I didn't get pokemon because I was too old to play with anyone. LOL

There was a point in my life that I kept buying various card for fun but later I grow out of it.

Can lend me that DVD? :D

@David John
Nope. I have never seen those card before as no where I know is selling that. You have those? I think those gals in that maybe quite old now right? LOL
janus lu said…
Sweet memory! I got a bunch of Dragon Ball and SD Street Fighter cards also. :3 :3 :3
Mafty said…
Wohoo, actually you like Yuyu Hakusho too Leon?
well I really fond of this.. I like Kurama.. especially when he reveal his true form.. Demon Fox..

for a fighting game.. yes! would gladly like it..

for a trading card game.. uhm.. no..
desmond said…
I only have KOF'97 cards and initial D cards :)
LEon said…
@Janus Lu
So do I! I have a few SD Street Fighter card and also some SD Kamen Rider card remaining to me today. Share with us your collections? :D

Guess trading card do not fancy you. LoL

Hey I never get to see that. Can share?
Mafty said…
Well some does leon..
like YuGioh and Magic the gathering.. I played the YuGioh but not collecting it..
cause it's hard to me to keep gunpla, games, and trading cards at same time >.<
LEon said…
Well I do buy random for the fun and see how it's like. :)
janus lu said…
Hahaha! Sure bro, check mine trading cards collections at this link - http://ogre-nation.blogspot.com/2009/08/childhood-game-cards.html

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