Woody & Buzz Lightyear by Kaiyodo

I always wanted Woody and Buzz lightyear but never have I got any of them. After I saw the news of them coming out in 1st of August inline with the Toy Story 3 screening.

I think I got to have these guys from Kaiyodo as they are to scale with each other.

Meet Woody or should I say Tom Hanks?

He comes with another face and 2 pairs of hands. Yes one of the hand look like Buzz no doubt. Why? I have no clue either. Maybe it has to do with Toy story 3? By the way, I love the cute binoculars.

For Buzz is a little shorter but that how I remember him in Toy story.

He comes with his wings, addition head and 3 Little Plastic Men I mean toy soilders. :P

There's always two group of fans between Woody and Buzz and I wonder who you love most? Woody or Buzz?

Anyway I can't wait for August! To infinity and beyond!

News Source and Photo credits to http://blog.hobbystock.jp


desmond said…
These look interesting. What scale are they in?
Yes! Looks good...could it be 12" ??
KazeTora said…
I always support Woody, coz I always love good ol' cowboy.

Anyway, last time I wanted the woody doll so badly that when McDonald Indonesia launched the Toy Story campaign, I directly buy the Happy Meal.

I got Buzz Lightyear. Hahahahaha.

Ah well, my cousin gave me the woody a month after that.
chrismandesign said…
hey, hey, hey... Disney characters by Kaiyodo... i think they will b between 6" & 7" high, the deatil & paint job is wonderful (i hope that they will solve the problem with the paint that is ruined by the movement of articulations...) oho !!! & the accesories, they know what we want for sure !!!
kluxorious said…
I'm mad for woody ^^
LEon said…
5-7" I think

@Little Plastic Man
I don't think kaiyodo do any 12 inches figures...Nevertheless it is one of the detailed toys.

1 for Woody

So you will be getting these set?

2 for woody. No buzz supporter?
janus lu said…
Could it be a bigger scale Revoltech? Look at those ball joints .... hmm.....
I like Buzz Lightyear more. Ha! Ha!
Statwiz said…
Honestly I prefer mr.potato head ^^
chunky B said…
Are these guys from some sort of television show or movie???

Just kidding, Buzz Lightyear all the way! To infinity and beyond!
LEon said…
I think should be the same size. Maybe a bit taller?

Buzz Lightyear gets 1 vote!

Ah yes. Mr Potato head has it fans too. :)

@Chunky B
With your vote it's 2 for woody 2 for Buzz! I would have guess you are a supporter of woody tho. LOL

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