Unlucky Tennis Light

I tired my luck on another blind box of Nendoroid Petit Deathnote case #2.

I consider to give into temptation as in this series, the odds for me to get what I wanted was high. Well actually should be 50 - 50.

I was hoping to get any L, Near and the nurse Misa. I am still alright with Teru and the suited Light but not any Mello or Tennis Light.

One thing to note when buying such Nendoroid is to ensure the originality, it is best to buy it with boxes even if it is selling as a set loose. Look out for the 3D sticker on the box for originality.

50 - 50 should be a fair chance right? but I was not my lucky day... I got what I don't really wanted...Tennis Light.

No doubt this figure is cute with the smiling face but I find L and Near much cuter.

The detail was good. A tiny tennis ball on Light's left hand although I have never seen a yellow Tennis ball before. I thought they should be lime green in color instead?

The Tennis racket with the strings detail looked like a panel of plastic...

I dislike Light for his role in Deathnote. He was said to be more wicked and scheming than a Shinigami (Death god). He betrayed everyone including his father while pretending to be a good and honest son. But the worst was how he abused Misa love for him and how he used that to get Misa to do his bidding including sacrificing her life span. Although highly gifted and intelligent, je though he can get away from anything. In the end, he land himself into a tragedy retribution in Manga, Anime and in the Movie. Served him right!

* Guest starred by Meiko the Vocaloid

* Also Starring REM who have a bone to pick with Light

Yes REM did it again and this time it is also for Misa.

Do you think Light deserved such brutal treatment? Cast your vote now at the comment!



Statwiz said…
hate a character lol honestly i hate myself LOL
Gunstray said…
Hahah, serves you right, ya little backstabber >:]

But I liked Light for being an awesome schemer, almost awesome that it matches Lulu's
kluxorious said…
they are still in my boxes. Damn I need to stop being lazy >_<
LEon said…
Why you hate yourself?

I guess Light has his own fans. LOL

Yes they are still selling at some places but it's more pricey.
Such an innocent looking boy with such evil heart. No wonder he met with his karma!
Mafty said…
look at the tennis ball!!!! woott...
desmond said…
Light in business suit looks better..
chrismandesign said…
i see why u hate ligth (must say dark???) but this nendoroid petit is wonderful, i love it & i dun hav not even one ;(... it’s really cute & i’d never consider this figurine a waste =PPPPPPPPP, but as u know, i dun like to buy blindboxed figures, i prefer to play safe =PPPPPPPPP²
LEon said…
That's right! Karma!

Very mini right?

Ya. Light in business suit look better

Ya I figure out going for blind box need some gambling spirit. LOL
softz said…
Got something you don't really want. But you did great a great job in creating a mini story. Cute stuff. I got Meiko from a blind box. Only one try though. Don't really like blind box stuff. Me ain't good with luck.
LEon said…
You got a meiko too? Which one? the one with the headphone or the one without?

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