S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan Son Gokou Review

Ever since I got my last Super Saiyan Goku, I have not been really happy with it. When I saw a better release of Super Saiyan Son Gokou by S.H.Figuarts, I know I got to have it and this is for this week Dragonball Tuesday!

First let's talk about the package. This release is in a box rather than a card like it used to be. Then again this series had price higher than before. But for the price of the quality, I still find it is quite worth it.

The back of the box had some shots of the figure and I like it. This product live up to the tagline "Simple Style & Heroic Action".

At the corner of the box, it has a age limit signage which stated the toy is for 15 years old and above and a nice looking Hologram sticker.

The sculpt works of the figure are very well done which capture the essence of Super Saiyan Goku in every angle.

even the back look alright

The figure comes with 2 exchangeable head for expression and 3 pairs of hands.

Both expression of Goku are very serious looking.

For play, this figure really can work out some nice poses like Goku taking off

giving an elbow

Let see if he can do his signature Kamehameha like the box said.

Here's the comic style

It can!!!

What other thing can you do Super Saiyan Goku? OMG! are you doing what I think you are doing?

Wow anything else you can do?

Seems like my collection of Dragonball had something to iron out. LOL

Well I hope to have Super Saiyan Vegeta in time to come too. I have to say I am very happy with this purchase. Now I just need the normal Goku and Piccolo which I missed out. Here are some news of the next coming line.

Anyone starting to be interested in this line?


Jcee said…
Nice review! I really like this figure too, along with Piccolo of course! SHF is hitting us hard with our childhood heroes. I can resist these for now, but when I saw the Ultraman that's coming soon, I knew that I must have it!
Statwiz said…
well maybe will getting one if seeing it lying around if not tempted with kamen rider of course :)
kluxorious said…
how much does this one cost?
desmond said…
I saw some of them in TAKA last week. But those are in bigger scale and are they belonged to Bandai toy line?
LEon said…
I read about the Ultramn too. The one with cape right? That ultranman is not in S.H.Figuarts but it was from Bandai nonetheless. :)

I think you will get those S.H.figuarts Kamen Rider rather than Dragonball right?

I pre-order this around $50 if I remember correctly few months back.

Ya that one is MG model Kit. I may review that in time to come.
chubbybots said…
Woah love the effects at the end man :D Now you all you need is SH Figuarts Cell/Majinbu for some nice fight scenes ^^
janus lu said…
Wow! It really looks good! But I would prefer the MG Gouku more, coz never snap fit a human body model kit yet...... :P
LEon said…
I hope they will produce it. So far they banking on the heroes as they sell well...

@Janus Lu
I may have a review on MG Goku later. See if I can get it. :P
Great review with cool poses and interesting comic stripes. Must learn from you the special power effect on the pics.
Anonymous said…
wow.. looks like SSJ3 might be worth considering afterall :D thanks alot!
LEon said…
Thanks! Actually don't want to do so much special effect least it kill the originality review of the toy. Sure. I will show you one day how the effect is being done. :)

Yes SSJ3 should be a good buy as it give justice to the Manga and the anime. S.H.Figuarts are great for display for Dragonball series with the special effect coming in the coming series.
chrismandesign said…
this figure really knocks me out LEon, it was nicely sculped & painted, the scale is bigger than the ones i’ve seen (although a bit smaller than the MG model kit i guess) as u said it really worths while the increment in its price (i guess i would hav no problem with that, if i would hav the budget...) on the other hand, congrats on the 特撮?... kjakjkajkajkajkajkajkjakjakjakja... the new background & the light management is better... i like it yeah !!!
LEon said…
Thanks! just experimenting. LOL You should get this figure. It's really worth it. :D
Anonymous said…
so cool! nicely sculpted and painted! And he can pull a lot of moves too! Kamehameha pose is a must for Goku figure, it'll be nonsense if a goku can't do his signature move :D
LEon said…
Yes Kamehameha is a MUST for GOku! LOL
Shin said…
Did u get Piccolo? If u missed the release, Ng's Collection at CSC has stock.
LEon said…
Thanks for the info. If I have to the time I will head down to check it out. :)

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