Sangokuden Premiums: 12 Mirisha Weapons Review

In every battle, weapon play a big part in the stories. In the story of Sangokuden, there were 12 Mirisha weapons with great combination. Each configuration give the users different form of attack and defense advantages. Here are the 12 Mirisha weapons...

This series of weapon are exclusive during the Singapore promotion period between 10 March to 21 March 2010. For each Sangokuden purchase, it entitle you to have a lucky dip to get one for FREE. If you spent over $100 on one single purchase of Sangokuden products, you get the whole set of 12 for FREE!

The weapon comes single and each comes with a piece of instruction sheet.

Each of the weapon has a index number and name printed on it for identification.

Each weapons fit on to any Sangokuden figure well.

Even the shield on both hands.

The great thing about this model sit is the weapon combination.

The Golden Tiger Saber

The Water Turtle Blades

The Fire Phoniex Spear

The Wooden Dragon Sword

These combination can be held by Sangokuden character with eases.

Last of all the Ultimate combination of all 12 Mirisha weapons!

It turn out to be a long weapon but you can assemble in two part. The head...

and the tail

It is so huge. :P

Here are some of the details that I love. I love the head most as it is not only complicated but full of 3D details

It look real awesome when it is pointing at you. :P

Last but not least, I love this Yin-Yan symbol found in the middle of the weapon.

One thing I have to point out that the weight of this configuration is quite heavy so you may want to do a bit of balancing. Apart from that, this set of Premiums is good to have in the collection of Sangokuden.

On 10 March to 21 March 2010 in Singapore, there will be a Sangokuden Fare at North point with lots of BB including the new series! So if you are in Singapore, do drop by to check out the fair.

Meanwhile the tickets for Gundam Unicorn Screening in Singapore for Free is still on till 12 March 2010.


chrismandesign said…
i guess u already know that i wouldn’t buy not even a single kit of Sangokuden (by far i prefer normal kits...) but i like to see these kits assembled & personalized (there r some really nice examples out there...) & this set of weapons is fantastic... i guess u can personalize this weapons with some paint & get an even more attractive result... the option of combined weapons is great & the complete "super i-kill-them-all weapon"... well, i hav no words to describe it... LOL
Statwiz said…
like the weapon but not the color -_- clear parts ORZ
lol mega cannon ^^
LEon said…
Yes I love this kind of concept. One hit to kill them all! Whahaha

the color part is just a default color like most model kit. You can paint it any color you like. :)

Mega Cannon is the ultimate form I guess. I like some of the small form. Hehehe
chubbybots said…
I kind of like the clear colors :D But luckily I don't collect SD Sangokuden as much already...would have gotten this if I am still collecting this series :D

But will you be going down to the gundam fair? Probably take my camera down for the weekend :D
LEon said…
Yes i plan to head down on Sat morning. You want to meet up? Buzz me! :D
Mafty said…
wow.. so it can really combined eh? awesome though when combined..
Gunstray said…
Exclusive, Clear and combinable...
F!! When ever I see Exclusive It drives me nuts>:[

The Whole Wep configuration, really looks like the Lances used in Valkyria chronicles^^
An impressive combination of all 12 weapons. But Still I like Ryofu Lunar Halberd best. Ha! Ha!
Sangokuden Fare at North point? Gosh As Bandai slave... I would love to go there - if I could... hahahaha...

Must be fun... if you happen to go, take some photos and share with us...
LEon said…
You Lubu bias. LOL

@David John
Ya north point. Will do a report on that :)
jojosochi said…
Man.. nice loot there.. i wish i live in SG, i want the SD exia r2 vs 0 gundam clear version T_T
LEon said…
If you are keen on the SD exia contact me and see if I still can get one for you as I will be heading down one of the day.
iron2000 said…
Nice review!
So you bought $100 worth of Sangokuden kits?
LEon said…
I got this as a review kit. :)

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