Sangokuden Fiesta and Gundam UC Tickets Winners

I went down to the Sangokuden Fiesta for the second time today for two purpose. One for the organizer to help to draw the winners of the Gundam Unicorn Screening and second to get some Gundam Marker.

Here's are some limited edition over there. Expo Zhao Yun with chrome finishing.

This is how it will look like without any painting.

Even thought this is Sangokuden, there are also some limited edition Gundam on sales.

Gyan was on sales that day.

So is the new Lubu.

Remember the 12 Mirisha weapons held by different generals? it was a offer item if you buy any Sangokuden figures.

If you get $100 SGD, you can get the whole set to form the ultimate Mirisha weapon!

What I am looking out for is Sun Quan.

which can transform to a White Tiger! I like!

Of course Zhuge Liang is popular too

But what I love most are the display! See the whole set of Lubei, GuanYu and ZhangFei?

If you like to take picture with you in it, there are two big BB that day.

Now some of the diorama

Here's a nice one with a fort

Lu bei riding to battle

Sending off by his wife...

Here are some other snap shots

Although the area is small but the display and the offer are quite worth the while. Best is go with friends like me and Dennis. So go down to Northpoint (opposite Yishun MRT) before the fare is over. :P

Now let's talk about the Gundam Unicorn Screening lucky draw.

I want to thank for all your support for spreading the word around and the entries we had collected. I have the organizer, Shengtai to have the honor for the draw.

* I also want to thank Dennis to do up the box for such a short time and being a third party witness for the draw.

The organizer had picked 3 winners. The winners had been inform via email.

Thank you once again for all those who have join in the lucky draw and Shengtai. I hope the winners will enjoy the movie. :)


Statwiz said…
congrats FTW (who are the winner anyway @_@)
will try getting a sengokouden kit once if seeing them lying around ^^
chrismandesign said…
those r too many sangokuden for my taste !!! cute, old fashioned & motley... uhmmm i like the most that Zhuge Liang, specially for the personalization, very detailed !!! good for all of u !!! =PPPP ... tomorrow i’ll travel to Singapore but i can’t participate in the Unicorn screening, what a pity =( ... jakjakjkajkakjakjakjkajkajkajkajak ofc i’m kidding =PPPPP
desmond said…
Only like to play Dynasty Warriors :)
bluedrakon said…
OMFG - those are all so cool looking. I love the dioramas they setup as well. I will have to look for these later.

Sucks to be in the US right now. Have fun at Gundam Unicorn!
Mafty said…
wow.. Zhuge Liang got Nu gundam..
he looks awesome though..
Happy to meet you that day bro! Sorry I was too tired so could not accompany you to anime fair. Is the fair still on? Wait for you to blog abt it!
LEon said…
Do let me know if you got some sangokuden kits. :D

come over to Singapore anytime bro. :)

They have a gundam game of PS3 which is like Dynasty Warriors. :D

THanks will do. if you want me to get something for your son, let me know. LOL

Yes the coloring has a big part to do with that. LOL

The Anime Showdown will be on till 17 March I think. Report coming on next post today. :D

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