The Remnant of my First Gunpla

What you are viewing are the remnant of my first Gunpla (Gundam model kit) that I got for myself in early 1990s.

I rediscovered these in one of my slash box along with some of my trading cards. I remember these were some spare set of a SD Gundam model kit. The main kit was discarded due to being brittle after years of direct sunlight, countless time falling from the height of my study table and the amount of stubborn dusts and stains.

Here's a hint of my first Gunpla. Can you guess what model it was?


Statwiz said…
SD gundam F91 right ?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Gundam F91! And you ever told me you like this Gundam best!
Gunstray said…
F 91 with 4 fins, oh wait thats strike. This is Plamo still, what scale is it?
Marzz said…
Everyone has already said, yea, i am guessing F91
I m one of those idiots who don't like guessing game... hahahaha.... but seriously, I have no clue what to guess on this one...
Mafty said…
ehehe easy.. SD F91
one of my fave gundam ehehe..

even it's just a rubble I still can "smell" it if it's a F-series
LEon said…
Yep. :D

Ya you remember!

This is a SD F91 parts.

@ZoiDieCT ArchAeA
Well done!

;) Bingo!

@David John
It could be hard for non gunpla fans to guess. :)

F91 is my fav too. LOL
Anonymous said…
early 90's? I probably was still learning to walk straight at that time LoL. Te most amazing thing is that you still keep some remnant of your first gunpla :D
LEon said…
LOL that make me sound really old! >_<
chubbybots said…
Haha the gold flaps are a give away ^^ SD F91. But man, you still managed to keep yours...mine was stolen....
LEon said…
Stolen? by who?

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