Random Stickers from the 80s and 90s

During my last spring cleaning, not only did I discover my wife vintage dressing game but also a sticker album. I found some interesting stickers that many of us forgotten how stickers has evolve the years went by. So here is another trip for me and you (hopefully) down the memory lane.

I have never seen the cartoon of Bob dog but he was very popular in the late 80s and early 90s in my region. Almost every kids know him by the name but I don't think anyone watched the cartoon. The show was not even shown on my local TV. Wait...was there a Bob dog cartoon anyway? This sticker comes with "Shining" background which was very in during the late 80s and  90s.  Whatever has such shining background will sure be a hit for the kids back in those days. LOL

There was a time when stickers comes not only as paper or rubber but soft plastic too. This Mickey Mouse is one sample of soft plastic. It's quite fun for kids to press.

In the 1980s mcdonald's mascots like Ronald mcdonald, Ham burgers and Fries kids etc were a blast thanks to the funny TV advertisement. Some of the old Happy meal toys were made using these mascots too. I don't know where my wife get these stickers but my best guess was from mcdonalds children birthday party which was a trendy thing to do back in the 1980s.

There are some cute stickers which were not from English or Japanese cartoons. Some were from Taiwan or Hong Kong. As long they are cute, children and sometime Teens will collect it, just like these cute babies stickers.

In the early 90s, Crayon Shinchan was a hit. VCDs and Manga was really popular due to the jokes and to my surprised he came in "Shining" stickers too!

Beside 3D looking stickers, in the late 80s was a time for stickers design to make use of your senses. You can smell and feel the texture of the sticker. No doubt they are creative but I never really like smelling stickers as I will definitely give a sneeze if I sniff it.

Well that very much wrap up the stickers found in my wife's sticker albums. She told me she have even more back in her parents home. As for me, I do have some old stickers but maybe I will share that on another entry. :)

Do you have such stickers in your slash box somewhere too?


chrismandesign said…
i remember i had a bunch of stickers mostly from disney characters, but they don’t last so much... those metalized were my favorites...the odorous/tactile stickers, well, i pass from them... later i get a few bike’s stickers, really creative with crazy designs, but i won’t collect them since i should buy a bike part to get just one...
Statwiz said…
my sticker @_@ well I remember full of disney stuff and pokemon XD
chubbybots said…
I used to keep those dinosaur stickers where you had to buy several pack to complete the book!
I remember I used to have sticker book on Dinosaur, World Cup & Macross.
LEon said…
when you say bike you mean motorcycle or mountain bike?

pokemon was cool too!

I know what dinosaur stickers. It must not be Barney right? I think it was called the age of dinosaur.

Ya "Age of Dinosaur, Mexico 86... Macross I think is other brands. LOL
chrismandesign said…
he, he, i mean bmx bike or flatland bike... anyway bycicle not motorbike... `O¯¯O=== LOL
Anonymous said…
ah, I remember it was booming in my place when I was in elementary school :D the good old days when I don't have so much responsibility LoL
LEon said…
Ya I remember there was a BMX crazy in the 80s due to ET. LOL

Yep. I wished I was carefree as those days too. LOL

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