NECA T-800 Review

I always wanted a T-800 exoskeleton ever since I saw the Terminator movie way back in the 1980s. After almost two decades, I got myself one by NECA thanks to Phantomzone

The package was simple and at the back of the card was some written profile of T-800

I opened the toy and I was glad the figure can stand quite well on it's own.

A closed up on T-800's head which has lot of fine details. The eyes were fierce looking but somehow I felt he has an evil grin...maybe it was just me.

I love the amount of detail at the side of the head. I remember in T2 how John operated on his head to reprogram it from Read only mode to Read and Write mode. I wonder if I can find the switch to open the skull to reprogram T-800 as in T2 too. LOL

From the back, the figure stay true to the metal skeleton structure leaving room for cybernetic organism which would be Arnold's massive muscles in his prime.

As for accessories, NECA throw in a extra hand and a rifle which was suppose to be futuristic but I was not impressed for the design was poor in my opinion.

Now for the articulation, this figure only offer very basic articulation regardless of the amount of joints. The upper body articulation can do pose like this.

It can hold the weapon well which meet the basic requirement.

Nevertheless, some of the joints were very much restricted. That is the max it can go for bending of the arms.

The major weakness is that the lower part of the body like the legs can never do much pose due to the design. I tried and I broke a small part of the leg. Nothing a super glue can't fixed. Poor quality.

Now I did a comparison to my macfarlane's T-800 Arnold for size and for size, NECA T-800 exoskeleton seems to be taller.

End of the day, NECA T-800 exoskeleton is good as a display figure more than a action figure. So I will put them standing side by side together for display.

Something that strike me was in the movie and even the TV series, T-800 in exoskeleton mode never speak a word on screen. I think it would look rather stupid too if he speak in exoskeleton mode as they will be only be visible movement of the jaw. Picture T-800 saying his famous line...

Pretty weird right?


In depth review and to hear the part of the leg broke. Seems like the figurine can only stand with legs wide far apart.
chrismandesign said…
i’m not a fan of NECA... i always been thouhgt that McFarlane has better details, paint job & quality standards in general terms (& nutin has make me change my mind bout that...) the only piece i would consider in NECA r the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic version... however, this figure is a good example that NECA is improving its QS & that’s good for collectors... on the other hand, i guess that the futuristic rifle could b so dangerous for its bearer specially for its twisted canyon... =PPPPPPP LOL
janus lu said…
Cool! Too bad I was deep in poison with TF now, so this one cannot poison me. :P Nice review, bro.
Statwiz said…
hmm pretty nice for old toys.
LEon said…
Most NECA toys do not have much leg articulation.

Yes NECA TMNT were a good choice to collect.

@Janus Lu
Thanks bro.

LOL ya you can consider that an Old toy. LOL
desmond said…
Will you collect other figures in T2 and T3 as well?

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