My First Miku Hatsune on 39 day!

On 9th of March, Miku Hatsune had a Major event in Japan. Why on 9 of March? It has to do with the way Japanese pronoun the number 3 and 9 that sound like "Thank you" in English.

Without knowing that date itself, I tried my luck on a random blind box of Nendoroid petit Vocaloid series 1 in full hope to get a Miku Hatsune. Like choosing all blind box, I applied the shake and listen tactic. One of the box did not sound so hollow or shaky and I kinda guessed that was Miku since she was one of the bulky figure due to her hair and I was right! So here's my first Miku Hatsune figure in my collection! *Applause* *Applause*

I got Hexlord to take these lovely photos for my Miku last weekend during the meet up after my visit to Sangokuden Fiesta and Anime Showdown.

Something funny happened during the photo shoot of my Miku figurine on the streets. One young teen with long hair and glasses came over and said "Hey that's Miku Hatsune!" and started to kinda dance the Miku dance... We were taken a back but now that proved how famous Miku Hatsune is in Singapore. LOL

As I was looking at Hexlord taking the photo on my Miku, something on his camera caught my eye. Originally I thought it's a "Intel inside" sticker but how would an "intel inside" be inside the cam? As I took a closer and this is what I saw on his camera len cover!

OMG! I Want!! but he said he got it from Malaysia sometime back and you thought Singapore got most of the cool stuff right? No! :(

Anyway if you are interested to see the 39 Thanks Giving event of Miku Hatsune, head over to for that LIVE Concert which was superb 

So are you a Miku Hatsune fan too?


Amirul said…
aww miku!! Congrats on owning her.

thumbs up to all-time professional Hexlord for his pics. (Y)
Statwiz said…
Miku =D
woah so lucky with blind box *_*
Pek Chek Kia said…
lolx. u should turn the "Intel inside" pic 90 degree anti-clockwise instead of I turning my head.

i saw ppl selling various of "inside" sticker on forum before but this "Miku Hastsune inside" is new for me. awesome.
chrismandesign said…
uhmmmm... this Nendoroid Miku is beautiful & cute but i still prefer the bigger versions, specially the sexi versions... i’m wondering if someday i would own one figure of this character... just myb o_Ô
Juliana said…
Cool, congrates on getting her! :D

Btw, what's with the veggies she's holding? :P

P.S. For the 1st sentence of this blog post, do you mean "Why on 9 of March?" instead of "Why on 3 of March?" :)
LEon said…
Good to see you here. Yes Hexlord is a PRO! LOL

I am not always lucky. I got tennis light remember? But I never give up...I mean I got tempted to get blind box again. LOL

@Pek Chek Kia
LOL sorry I never thought of that. If you see Miku inside sticker let me know. I Want!!

THe big version more ex and I don't have so much space. I still like small cute figure. LOL

Thanks for pointing that out. LOL
The veggies she carry is a Leek. Why Leek as she did a song on Leek and she dance with the Leek.
desmond said…
Good to hear you own this figure as you always wanted to have one :)
LEon said…
Thanks! :D
Mafty said…
Actually my sister is more fond of hatsune miku.. and she like her nendo form..
maybe I will get her this for her birthday hehehe..
miku's nendo is cute..
Jcee said…
I learn about Miku through your blog. I mean I've seen her figure all over the place especially on many times, but never was interested. But after your vids and blogs about her, I want a figure of her too!

LOL @ the Miku Hatsune inside sticker!
LEon said…
You should get one for your sister then. :)

Thanks.:D I was only into her when I play project Diva and her music then I like her dancing in those MV and finally like her as a figuring. I guess you got to have some degree of love for a toy or a character. :)
Anonymous said…
nice strategy on choosing the blind box :D and that miku sticker is just too funny LoL
chubbybots said…
congrats on your latest addition man :D She so lovely ^^

Haha man, would love to slap that sticker on my own stuff!
LEon said…
LOL Thanks. Learned that tactic since young. :P

THank you. I dig that sticker too. LOL

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