MG Gundam W Review

I have the honor to do a review for the coming of MG Gundam W model kit which will be releasing in April.

Please take note that the model kit MG Gundam W in this review had been fully painted by air brush.

Here are the head in full colors

As the named implied, this gundam has to have wings.

And like the anime, his wing can be stretched.

With the wings, this Gundam look majestic

As this gundam possess a long rifle and it quite impossible for the hands to hold well the rifle as the model kit. So additional mechanism is added using a hook concept.

The shield had another feature such as storage for the beam sword.

The shield and the rifle play an important part in Gundam W to transformed to the flight mode.

MG Gundam W comes with the pilot, Heero Yuy

He is to scale this Gundam

There's another Heero in the cockpit which is in the chest of this Gundam.

This Gundam W can transformed into Flight mode as a plane version but I couldn't feature on this review as it may further damage the paint.

All I have to say is that this Gundam W did justice to the Anime.

This Gundam W will be out in April so look out for it.

Currently openthetoy is collecting Pre-order for just SGD $62.00. If you are interested, drop me an email with your detail. Shipping cost to oversea not included. Offer end before the end of April 2010.


Jcee said…
Can this one transform to the jet mode?
Statwiz said…
still prefer wing zero :) (the normal wing zero that can transform)
LEon said…
Yes it can but I did not do so for I fear I will damage the newly coated paint.

This one also can transform.
Statwiz said…
but still 2 riffle better I have wing gundam and wing zero custom but need wing zero :)
I like how the saber is store in the shield. I have a Wing Gundam toy in DX version. Should be of the same size as it stands around 12". Maybe I should post it.
Mario! said…
Cool! Gundam Wing is the only Gundam series I've seen, so it's cool to see one I recognize. I had a few of the models, and I wish I had kept them now.
LEon said…
Good luck for your search. :)

Ya and to think it took them so long to get that ideal into them. LOL

Yes I know Gundam W is very popular in the states. If you want to get one of these, feel free to contact me.
chubbybots said…
This will be another one for the

I prefer this version than the wing zero version :D Glad bandai gave this variation the MG treatment ^^
Anonymous said…
Wallet pain... Very tempting... Wonder they going to make a HG1/144 of it? XD

Heero: Mission accepted.

another pre-release review!!

indeed it looks good~!
chrismandesign said…
this one remainds me the Wing Gundam version KA, specially for the style of the wings... it looks really nice, but what a pity that the paint finish makes harder to transform it (i’ll hav in mind this when i posting my next model kit review) i hav one Wing Gundam Zero 1/100 without assemble, so this will giv me some ideas... =)
LEon said…
I agree. This version wing is more suitable for Gundam.

I do not know if they have a 1/144 yet. :)

Yes the color stand out. :)

If you are careful enough the paint is alright but because it was not mine, I dare not take the risk. Will look forward to your Wing Gundam Zero review then. :)
Marzz said…
So you painted it? Not a fan of the Wing Gundam..... So my wallet is safe from this^^
LEon said…
No it is not me. Someone painted it. I just do take the photos. :)

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