GundamUC MousePad Giveaway!

I have an Original Gundam Unicorn Mousepad (official product) with me and I am giving it away in my Facebook Fan Page.

If you are already a declared Fan (if you have not be a fan, do it now to Be a fan) and give a reason why you like about Openthetoy on that post topic, you would stand a chance to win this Gundam Unicorn Mouse pad!

*Note: The mouse is NOT included as it is there for size reference.

The closing date would be on 28 March 2010 and lucky winner will be randomly pick. The winner will be declared on facebook and I will personally mail this mouse pad to you with NO charge. So head over to my facebook fan page and join in the fun!


Mafty said…
so this time I can stand a chance here?
LEon said…
Yes you can. I will mail this to any part of the world for the winner. :)
Very generous of you again!
Anonymous said…
Don't have FB but i will make one and join if you give the mouse as well LOLOLOLOLOL
DemonickAngel said…
haha i like the mousepad. gave away the poster calender already.
LEon said…
Good things must share. XD

If I pass you the mouse, I have no mouse. :(

Join the fun at the FB fan page then. The calendar very hard to mall out without being damage and all that.
come to think of it... nowadays we rarely use mousepad... well, some folks do, mostly don't...I personally have stop using it for many years now ever since they created that so called optical mouse... but I still don't mind to get that Gundam Unicorn mouse pad though... hehehehe

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