Gundam Unicorn Screening was a Blast!

I was excited this morning to head out for the Gundam Unicorn Screening in Singapore with other Gundam's fan.

I though I was early by arriving 2 hours before the show but when I arrived I saw some Gundam's fans already waiting at the lobby of Shaw Bugis. The organizers did a great job setting up some presentation to the fans even though it was just one show. There were big Gundam UC standees and display of the latest Gundam Unicorn model kit!

Rezel the raising stars for some Gunpla fan

Geara Zulu (which I know it as Zaku) was one of my personal Favorite.LOL

The model kit displayed was provided by Bandai

The star of the show, Gundam Unicorn in both mode.

Rezel and Rezel commander are getting some screen time in Episode 1

Not forgetting Geara Zulu who put up a good fight too.

Shinanju did not make any appearance in Episode 1 yet.

The DVD and BluRay was on Pre-order too!

Watching on the big screen is really something. Once the show started, the sound and visual were crystal clear. But the best part was the company of Gundam lovers. Glad the 3 lucky winner also enjoyed the show. :)

After the movie, we headed down to BHG to check out some of the limited edition model kit.

All for 20% discount! I got the SD Unicorn gundam for 20% off! Wee!

Check out other bloggers that were there that day too! Check them out!


Jcee said…
That titanium version Sinanju looks awesome! I want to get the SD version Unicorn too, can it change modes too?
Statwiz said…
ZAKU LOL you need to read the name tag hahahha
OMG that sinanju titanium really shinny *_*
which SD you bought anyway ??
chrismandesign said…
i saw those big panel posters somewhere... LOL... Gundam Unicorn & Sinanju i’d go for both of them in Titanium finish, but this will b a distant future project, cuz my money dissapeared so fast (did anybody see it??? it used to b inside my wallet ??? kajkjakjkajkajkajkajkaj) GUNDAM, GUNDAM, GUNDAM, YEAHHHH !!! ups... that Zaku looks not bad at all =PPPP
LEon said…
yes it can. they even have a special mode which I don't think it is in the movie. LOL

I got the SD Unicorn.

yes the titanium finish is a good to have for collectors. THose are premium grades. :D
Just 2 words.... envy envy envy, wish I was there... we can only get the downloaded version in here (not that I'm proud with it) - wish I can watch it in cinema and buy the original dvd... well that's more than 2 words... hahahahahaha
LEon said…
@David John
We are only lucky that the organizer had the resources to put it together for us.
Marzz said…
And i still haven't go down there yet..... T_T....... Lol, maybe i won't go down anymore....
LEon said…
Don't fret buddy. The offers are there for sometime so take your time to go down and take a look. :)
chubbybots said…
Was a blast meeting you guys that day :D Look forward to more meet ups after june for me haha!!! Maybe head down to get more extra parts later buhahah
LEon said…
great to meet you that day too. Do anything but don't get caught ya? :P
Anonymous said…
ahhhhh!! I totally forgot to check the gunpla goodies at BHG...

20% discount is a good deal
LEon said…
THe offers still there. Go down and take a look. :)
Anonymous said…
Unicorn on the big screen, and lots of unicorn kit poison outside...perfect recipe to drain our wallet lol

Unicorn and friends really have a good design..

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