Epic Toy Comic Memento Mori is Out!

Mick Baltes Toy comic, Memento Mori which is in the setting of the olden Rome is out and it was more than what I would expect of him.

The toys are much custom to be as realistic with the realistic scale model and props!

* Is this epic enough for you?

Together with great photography and storyline, this could be a master piece of it's own.

Reading the comic kinda remind me of HBO Rome. Click here to start reading the comic.

The comic is a on going project which will be updated on every week so remember to follow through.

If you want to know more about Mick Baltes, here's a interview of him.

Well done Mick!


desmond said…
Mick is a talented man!!!
Mick is one of a kind genius man! Excellent Rome outfits for the 12". Not to mention quality pics!
Anonymous said…
he really pays attention to every little detail..too bad he didn't open a museum to display all of his work..
Mafty said…
wow.. awesome... really..
yeah I have to agree.. it's very detailed..

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