Do you wanna get rock - Zabel Zarock Dark stalker

Rock music not only has a certain sound but a certain look as well for the Rockers. One classic example would be wearing a tall leather boots with chrome metal pieces. The look cannot be completed with out a wicked looking Electric guitar that look like it would bite!

If that is not enough, have more metal and leather accessories such as choker on the neck. As for hair style, wet spiky hair and save not on the gel to keep those spiky punky hair even on raining day.

A Rocker must have a lean body (fat free flat tummy) so that he/she can wear tight fitting leather wears.

Most Rocker pick up smoking to feel cool...of course some are known to take drugs to make them high during their LIVE performance.

That's a typical Rocker for you. But this rocker is more than that. She is Zabel Zarock best known as Lord Raptor in Dark stalker. Yes Lord Raptor is a male but somehow he manage to switch gender in some cases.

This is an alternate color figure as a Gothic punk rocker chick has a human tone color rather than blue. In the game, Lord Raptor will turned to a woman form when he was attacked by Demitri's Midnight Bliss. Don't asked me why. I have no clue either. It's just CRAZY!

So what happen when Meiko vocaloid meet with Zabel Zarock the Gothic punk rocker chick?

I don't have a good feeling about that though...Meiko quickly get out of there before something bad happen to you!


Bubbashelby said…
I was wondering who that was in your new banner. She used to be a dude, eh? Interesting lol!
chrismandesign said…
he, he... i asked u bout this girl & u didn’t say nutin, but now i hav my answer... she is he & he is she, a shemale, a guy/gal, it’s absolutely clear for me (or myb not al all, but who cares ???) seems to b a gashapon, am i wrong/right or right/wrong ??? ... she/he looks like a junkie-rock-star... & if ur Meiko needs protection, my gashapon army is at ur service pal... LOL
janus lu said…
Nice shooting, bro. I got this gashapon too. :)Check mine latest blog update, the vampire gang is there! :P
LEon said…
I am not very sure if he is a she or he but one thing I know he is one bad @ss in Dark Stalker.

Yes this is the gashapon. Meiko can get carried away with her singing which may not be in the liking of Lord Raptor.

@Janus Lu
Thanks bro.
Your latest post is your sexy Queen comic... where the vampire?
Gunstray said…
So she's a genderbent!, Damn weakness exploited >_<, You should have Krauser II face off with him/her.
janus lu said…
Already update my post, bro. Sorry! :P
LEon said…
@Gun Stray
LOL. I think she quite hard to defeat.

@Janus Lu
No prob bro. Nice collection and photography. :)

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