The dawn of the 12 Mirisha Weapons Teaser

From Sangokuden, comes the 12 Mirisha Weapons...

There will emerge once again...right here... soon...

Bankai 卍解... :P


chubbybots said…
Lol love the bleach reference! :D
Mafty said…
wow.. the design are awesome actually!!
Statwiz said…
BANKAI hahahaha
will they sell the weapon only I will buy them and displaying like that
bluedrakon said…
nice designs - i really hate it when they do that stuff though because you want to get them right then.
LEon said…
I can't help it. Glad you enjoy that too. LOL

Which one you want? All 12?

Ya. Very ancient looking weapon design with a modern twist.

What I heard this are free gift when you buy certain figures. More of that later. :)

I fully understand you. You collect BB Gundam as well?

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