Banpresto Queen Blade Menace

In Queen Blade's, Menace was a villain. She was a ancient Egyptian themed princess and for a villain, she was popular character that have many figurine done on her. Well, one more Menace figurine will be added by Banpresto for her. It will releasing in July or August 2010.

I managed to get this photo of Hobby Japan and I think this figure of her like the rest of her always turn heads.

You can get that this Queens Blade Pre-Painted Figure: Menace (Banpresto Version) at

Are you a Queen Blade fan?


kluxorious said…
the face phailed but look at that body. Damn!
Anonymous said…
only like airi and allyene ^^ dun liek the anime as well tooo muchhh fanservice (more than H game -__-)
ah banpresto -__- the paintjib kinda X_X
chrismandesign said…
look at this precious !!! face ??? which face ??? did anybody see her face with that sexy body in front of u ??? face here must b an unnoticed accident... nice effort from Banpresto, i wonder if BP could b a competitor for Yamato or Kotobukiya sexy girls... but i guess they r not in the same league of prices... =PPPPPP... V☻lUPtUØs !!!
rockleelotus said…
hawt sculpted body! huh face, wut? ...ohhh

i seriously didnt notice the face till i read the comments about it Lol XD ill wait for more pics of the actual figure.
desmond said…
I like the butt of this pvc figure. VERY nice sculpted!!!
LEon said…
THat's the selling point. :)

for the price of this line is forgivable.

I notice the face too. It is decent to me although not the best Menace.

I hope there will be more pics of the actual figure too. Meanwhile thinking should I get this...

credit to the sculptor
janus lu said…
Not bad, long time no collect PVC figure already, this one really stir up my passion! :3
LEon said…
@Janus Lu
Don't say you, I also was tempted to get this figure. Quite cheap and deliver to door step from Playasia...tempting right?
Bubbashelby said…
"Are you a Queen Blade fan?"

I am now! ;)

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