Bandai Dragonball & One Piece Crossed Over Trading Figures

The concept of One Pieces and Dragonball crossed over happened last year during the 40 weekly Jump weekly comic. There are various version of product regarding this crossed over and here one of the crossed over trading figure from Bandai.

And in this series, a number of Dragonball characters crossed play One Piece while the One piece characters trying to cosplay or more to using Dragonball gadget as crossed over.

My friend and I tried our luck as we pick each 1 blind box each since he wanted Tony Tony Chopper on the Nimbus Cloud while I was there to help him out to increase the odds but I was hoping for Sanji as he got a Scouter. LOL

We didn't get what we wanted. He got Luffy cosplaying Goku with the Kamehameha!

I won't really say Luffy is cosplaying as he only had the nyoibo on him while he is still wearing his own dressing in most of the beginning of One Piece.

A closer look on the details of Luffy

Can he really do the Kamehamehai?

As for me, I got Vegeta in some way cosplaying Roronoa Zoro in One Piece with the three blades.

As Luffy retain his own dressing, so is Vegeta. I mean when you think about the Vegeta, you can always be sure he is in his Saiya Armor right?

I think Vegeta has something to say regarding the blades.

I couldn't agree more. :)

If Luffy and Vegeta show down, who do you think will win?

Let's call for a Vote!


Pek Chek Kia said…
I bid for Vegeta! muahaha
Nice crossover btw Dragonball & One Piece. Luffy and Goku blend in right. One common characteristic abt both the anime is that they are both very long. Ha! Ha!
chrismandesign said…
really nice figures, both of them !!! ... u know i love gashapons, but i have not even one, one piece, piece (kjakajkajkajkajjakajkajkajkjakjakjakjakjkajkajkajkajkaj) congrats !!! BTW i wouldn’t buy a blind box not even in a million years =PPPPPPP ... hey, the bases look just Chilli !!!
Statwiz said…
Gonna like this one hahahha
Mafty said…
Luffy will be invincible if he already can use songoku skills...
even vegeta can use Zoro skills.. ahahaha..
LEon said…
@Pek Chek Kia
Luffy 0 - Vegeta 1

Now we are talking!
Luffy 1 - Vegeta 1

Ya both are long series but one piece seems to be more longer as it is still on going.

Having blind box can be fun but risk of getting disappointed too.

You like who more?

It will sure be a epic battle but who you think going to win? Luffy or Vegeta?
Gunstray said…
Zoro with that dragon would have been awesome, but Vegeta with 3 swords, Bad@$$,too bad he just overshadows the swords^^;

Btw Can I ask for a link exchange, I already added you in my list
chubbybots said…
Ah I thought trunks will be better suited with the swords!!

But i'll go with vegeta on this one :D
LEon said…
Sure but can you contact me first. :)

Vegeta the father would be no less than trunks his son. LOL

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