Anime Showdown & K-ON! in Singapore

After meeting up with Dennis from the Sangokuden Fiesta last weekend, I head down to Takashimaya to meet up with Bayu for the Anime Showdown.

All I have to say is that this fare have lot of those who claimed as Otaku will buy including Manga, Shirt, Pillows, poster from cospa

* Haruhi suzumiya standees! I like!

Model kit including the giant 00 Raiser are on offers

That's not all, even the Fix configuration are on discount! Including this Shin Musha Gundam at an attractive price!

For Figurines like Evangelion

One Piece

and my favorite a Dragonball figure mini museum!

Not forgetting lots of Gashapon.

At a corner of the fair was a card playing corner by Bushiroad

When I was there, they were having a tournament. I have yet to know much about this Anime card playing rules but those card do look really nice with the graphic and all.

After hanging around, it was time for me to meet up with Hexlord who was outside Takashimaya mall. There we saw K-0N! cosplayers going around taking photo with the random street walkers and I got a shot of them with some Japanese Tourist I think...

It was a awareness promotion from Animax as K-ON! will be showing in Singapore on the 16 March which is happening tomorrow at Animax Channel.


I spent sometime with Hexlord to take some shots which will be showing here this week. Now you guys maybe wondering who is Hexlord? More of him during this week too. :D


kluxorious said…
fuck. why can't we have something like this in JB? I think it was lonly a cosplay convention at KL to celebrate the airing of K-ON. Whats the big deal anyway? K-ON is meh >_>

but I love the figures at this convention! >_<
Statwiz said…
*_* bushiroad get me touhou card ORZ

nak k-ON! if they selling the manga I will interested if the anime!! nay
Mafty said…
orz.. hahahaha.. They even got a PG 00 raiser and GFF Musha Gundam eh?
chrismandesign said…
well, i know there is a lot of keens of cosplay, but i’m not in that group (=PPPPPP) & of card games as well (neither interested in that (=PPPPPP)²... but figures & gashapon machines... that’s my biznez hehehe... if i would own a perfect grade gunpla, that will b the Raiser 00 !!! no doubt... uhmmmm one piece figures r tasty i guess... & EVA, no need to say that is one of my all time favorite series, so the figures result appealing to me always...
Thx for bringing highlights to us! Must be a great day for you meeting so many friends that day.
bluedrakon said…
I want the Shin Musha Gundam and some of the Gashapon.

Sucks here in the US as nothing this cool happens here except at the large cons :_(
LEon said…
Which one of the figure you like?

I think they do sell some manga but I didn't check if they have k-on! manga.

Yes Prefect grade for 00 Raiser

Man you know your stuff. :)

Have to squeeze everything in one day now. LOL

If you see anything you like, let me know. THe fare will end in two days time (17 march).
chubbybots said…
Fwah leon you are one busy blogger ^^ Cover so many different type of events :D
LEon said…
Not really. Just more like touch and go to meet up some friend with the short time I have.
desmond said…
Seems like you are very busy with so many events going on this week..
LEon said…
Ya done that in one morning and half of the afternoon. was more like to see got any good deal or not. LOL

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