3 Tickets to be won for "The day of Unicorn" Screening in Singapore

Singapore is having the screening of Gundam Unicorn episode 1 "The day of Unicorn" screening on the big screen on 20th March 2010 (Saturday) from 12pm to 1pm at Shaw Bugis.

This is the first time in Singapore that Gundam animation get to show on Big Screen! I hope there's more to come.

Gundam Unicorn is the latest Gundam Japanese Anime for 2010 which is based on the popular original Gundam Unicorn novels in Japan. Gundam UC episode 1 was released in Japan on 20th Feb 10. There are in total 6 installment for this whole series. The movie has a rated PG rating and a run time of 50 mins. The screening in Singapore will be in Japanese language but with English subtitles.

This screening is a jointed promotion with BHG which in conjunction BHG will be having Unicorn Gundam Promotion at  13th March - 1st April at Bugis outlet. During the promotion, any customers who purchase more than $100 worth of any Gundam products at BHG Bugis will be entitled to 1 ticket for the screening while ticket lasted.

During the promotion: there will be limited edition gundam, new arrival gundam, all from Unicorn gundam series on sales so take your pick! Exclusive Gundam Model kits from Japan will also be displayed there as well too. It would be a good time for Gundum fans in Singapore to meet up and watched the screening together. You know it's a Guy I mean Gundam thing.

Finally here is the big surprise for the readers of my blog.
3 Tickets to be won for Openthetoy readers!
Yes. I have the pleasure to give away 3 tickets for the "The day of Unicorn" screening to my blog readers, courtesy of Shengtai. Each Ticket holder will also get a Gundam Unicorn Goodie bag after the end of the show (So don't hurry to go off).

All you have to do is to answer 3 simple questions and email your answer and particular. The closing date will be on 12 March 2010 (Singapore Time) and a lucky draw will be conducted for the correct entries.

Before we go further, please read through ALL the rules for this lucky draw below.

1. You must be minimum of 13 years of age of now, currently residing in Singapore and most of all able to make it for that event on 20 March 2010 from 12pm to 1pm at Shaw Bugis.

2. In your entry, you need to provide ALL of the following:
   a. Full Name
   b. NRIC Number (for verification of age and person during collection of ticket)
   c. valid email address
   d. The answers of all 3 questions correctly.
Without any of the above information will be consider void entries.

3. Winners will be notify on this blog and via email after 12 March 2010 after the lucky draw. The winner will meet me on the event day to collect your tickets so please be on time :)

4. For the sake of fairness to all, we (the organizer and I) reserve the rights to remove any entry should the information given found false. As for multiple entries, it will be treated as only one chance of draw.

Here are the 3 questions:
Q1. Name the FULL name of the pilot of Unicorn Gundam?
Q2. Who is the director of Unicorn Gundam (Please spell in full)?
Q3. What is the base weight of RX-0 Unicorn Gundam?

Hint: All of the answer can be found at http://www.gundam-unicorn.net.

Updated on 15 March 2010: The Lucky draw is over. 3 winners had been notify with their email given. please check your email. Thank you.


Statwiz said…
can answer in 5 seconds lol but not in SG -_- except the ticket have nice picture so you casave it for me LOL
Marzz said…
Muahaha! I am in SG, can answer those questions.... But i have already watched the episode! No point, let others have the chance :D
But if i feel like it, i may just submit my answers, hehe
LEon said…
I think the ticket should be normal cinema tickets tho..

That's so considerate of you. :)
ninjovee said…
I have no idea what Gundam Unicorn is... and I don't live in SG... so... good luck to all those who will join! ^^
Amirul said…
:o good luck for the contestants.
anyway yo LEon,
man im so busy doing my god damn studies that i didn't visit your blod for a month+.
btw hope to bump to you someday again :D
Mafty said…
wooh.. SG really lucky to have it premiered at theater.. won't happened at my country >.<
LEon said…
Thank you for your support. :)

Sure amirul. Study hard!

We are blessed to have a organizer who do that for us. come and join us?
chubbybots said…
I also watched already but heh leon are you going on 20th? Definitely want to join you guys for some guy erh i mean gundam gathering :D
LEon said…
yes I will be there to hand the tickets to the winners. Join in for the fun and see if you won the ticket to go attend the gathering! Good luck!
kluxorious said…
the news is spread XD

Sgt Gordon said…
Entry Sent! *wink*
David said…
Thanks for bringing us this great give away! I've tried to submit my answers via your link but I keep getting a 404 error. Any other way I can submit? Thanks!
LEon said…
Thank you so much for your support. :)

@Sgt Gordon
Thanks and Good luck!

Thanks for your feedback. The link should be working now as I have just tested it. You may submit here.

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