Zakumi Fifa World Cup 2010 South Africa Toy

A big event happening this year would be 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ in June.

For Mascot for this year World Cup, we have Zakumi who symbolizes South Africa and the rest of the African continent through his self-confidence, pride, hospitality, social skills and warm-heartedness.

I happened to see the display toy for FIFA World Cup South Africa™ and this is how Zakumi looked like.The display toy do offers some articulation at the joints.

Zakumi loves football. He decided to dye his hair green as he felt it would be the perfect camouflage against the green of the football pitch; a bit like his rosette spots are when hunting in the wilderness! You may read about Zakumi more here.

It comes in two design which much like a transformers. One of them is a Soccer shoes which can transformed to Zakumi display.

While another Zakumi changed to a Soccer ball.

I kinda like Zakumi design. I hope in time they are more toys of Zakumi to choose from as world cup draw nearer.

By the way, Malaysia and Indonesia were able to secure the rights of the matches broadcast while Singapore did not secure any broadcasting rights as to date but only 4 free matches. It was said that FIFA asking price was too high for Singapore Singtel and Starhub cable to bid.

I remember the days when we watched World cup and EPL for Free but now if you want to see sports, you have to pay. Worst some even go for betting for such Sports. Now the question I have to ask is Sport getting more unhealthier? What's the meaning and the spirit of World Cup and football? Is all about money?


Anonymous said…
I remember the Beijing Olympic where they have five mascot at the same time, and the merchandise was overwhelming :D
This year's World Cup mascot is nice, it really represent Africa :D
desmond said…
That means we cannot see live telecast world cup in Singapore??
I saw these selling @ 7-Eleven store today! They are great collectibles for people who support soccer and adorable stuff. The idea is unique and I hope our youth game mechandise can be of something similar.
chrismandesign said…
this toy compared with the ilustration seems to me a lil’ weird, i mean, in the illustration looks a lot better, myb is the volume of the face, i think it would b better plain, & the hair seems a lil’ crushed... but the TF idea is fantastic... uhmmm, football-soccer, i dun care bout that...
LEon said…
Ah yes. I remember that as well but they only have soft toys on them I think.

Maybe just one or two matches. :(

They can be found in Takashimaya too. Youth Olympics only have plushes.

It very hard to reproduce a 2D character to a 3D toy version and I think along the way they kinda change the look on toys.
Anonymous said…
kinda reminds me that transformers bootlegs that can transfor into shoes
LEon said…
Yes it does. LOL

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