Who's this Transformers?

Some of you may know I had some Legend Class Transformers from the "Revenge of the Fallen" movie series. Well I saw some of these packaging on a Sunday Flea market stall at my neighborhood.

From far one may mistaken it as the latest Toys from "Revenge of the Fallen" but on closer look, some thing is not quite right...

Is this Sideswipe? Well if it is, then it should be a bootleg "Sideswipe" although the packaging did not mention any name of this toy figure. It more like a mixed between Sideswipe and Jazz.

You know as a bootleg, they could saved the trouble for not putting the stickers on the bummers but they did.

Yes, this is a Bootleg Transformers toy but somehow the design seems quite original. Yes Original in the way it did not copy from the actual toy... How the actual toy look like? I am not sure of that too. LOL

Anyway at the flip side, you can see the whole robot design. The center blue circle reminds me of Ultra-man!

No kidding, this is the full robot mode. I don't like the robot mode. In fact I find it quite stupid with long hands and short legs. He couldn't even stand well! Hey what can you expect from a bootleg toy? Thank goodness the car design redeem itself.

As I stare longer on this robot, I find his face awfully familiar... Anyone can guess which transformers this bootleg Transformers face resemble?

Hint: I blogged about the toy sometime last year. ;)


Once a while its fun to buy this cheap bootleg toys... hahahaha.. you can later modified it to become another model... hahahaha...
chrismandesign said…
uhmmm this is a weird piece of... transformer... kakjakjkajkjakjkajkjakja... sorry for the double meaning sentence LOL... i think it’s nice & funny figure both in robot & vehicule modes (but the stickers sucks =PPPP) cool ! it seems a kinder surprise’s toy <=___=>
desmond said…
Is this a non-official figure??
Juliana said…
Does the face resemble that of TFA Deluxe BB? :P
LEon said…
@David John
I am not so good in modification but I have given this piece to my niece as a toy car. LOL

The size of this toy is bigger than kinder surprise as it couldn't fit in that egg. :)

If non-official mean bootleg then it is. Not from hasbro but the design was never really copy anyway.
LEon said…
I was looking more to Animated Swindle. but you are right as his face do resemble Animated BB!
chubbybots said…
For a bootleg the car mode actually looks good!
janus lu said…
For every bootleg TF are better stay in the vehicle mode......
Hey! Didn't look bootleg to me man! Maybe I'm slow! It's a fun toy. I remember as a kid, I always bring along a small toy like this whenever I leave home. A small toy that transforms, that's even better.
LEon said…
Yes I like the vehicle mode.

This one I have to agree. :)

I never dare to bring any toy out of my home when I was a child for the fear of losing it or someone outside take my toys. :P
moemoekyun said…
@leon most of my old transformers toys are like this bootlegs ^^;;;
but somehow I know that face >_<;; who are you ??? I forgot UGUUU
TT_TT tell me please
LEon said…
Really? You have to show us one day. The face remind me of Swindle and some say like Animated Bumblebee. :)

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