What's wrong with your face?

On my recent visit at a toy department, something at Starwars corner caught my eyes. When I look at it closer, I started to laugh. I laughed so loud that some shoppers gave me that "what is wrong with this guy?" look. So what so funny? Tell me that this is not a joke.

* Hey Dude, what's wrong with your face?

This is the latest Star Wars Legacy Collection toy line, one of the Cloud City Wing Guard. Initially I thought it was a one off factory mistake but when I checked the other in the same pegs, the same Cloud City Wing Guard had these big blue painting on their face. Is this the after work version when he get all dirty or sweaty? Maybe after choke by Vader? Or is he an Alien or something?

I check at Hasbro toy shop website and realized that the coloring was not so explicit. So I conclude this could be a bad QC (Quality Control). What do you think? Does that look funny to you?


Bubbashelby said…
It reminds me of the original "V" mini-series - it looks like his skin is peeling away and he's a lizard-man underneath!
Statwiz said…
qualitty issue is abig problem lately especially in original figures since it starts turn into bootlegs quality
Mario! said…
Actually, he is an alien. Apparently he's supposed to look like that although the blue it is more subtle on the actor. Either way, this isn't a figure I wanted.


MOCK! said…
Bubbashelby beat me to it. It really looks like an alien who wiped off his "human" makeup.
LEon said…
Yes I remember that TV show. I always feel uneasy as a kid to see the skin shedding part. Eeek!

Well end of the day, the manufacturer will take the bullet as collector may not buy that.

Thanks for the info. Even the toy face look nothing near to the actor make up. Sigh

LOL better late than never. For me look like the human got poison. :P
chubbybots said…
Ouch looks a he got hit blue in the face!! Hmm seems like what we see online isn't what we get. Even for nendoriods the original sculpt is much better. In the actual product all those seamlines start showing....
Willy's Toys said…
What a joke. Hasbro is just getting lazy. =/
desmond said…
I don't think Hasbro cares about this as they produce a large variety of products. In addition, their cost of production should be cheaper than the rest. So, don't buy if you don't like :)
Seems like genuine pigmentation to me. Like weathering for robot. Hee! Hee!
LEon said…
that the problem with prototype. They are always better than mass production. So it is always good to wait and see the actual product.

Yes it really a Joke. LOL

Well it is always the rights of the consumer to point out.

Ya. Some pigmentation. lOL

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