Takara Tomy version of Transformers Animated

For the beginning of 2010, Takara Tomy going to do Transformers Animated in Japan.

It is well known for Transformers fan that Takara Tomy is known to have better quality in painting for the same counterpart of Hasbros. You will expect not less for this Transformers Animated toys. Just see for yourself, most of the vehicles are repainted CHROME!

I for one welcome this toy line. The downside of this version is that not all of the figures will be made. Example leader class characters will not be made. See the whole toy list here.

It has been very quiet here in Singapore for Transformers Animated toy line. I have been waiting for Arcee and Blackout but till today the retailers or Hasbros in Singapore are not bringing in any new Transformers animated toys. Now the retails are packed with Revenge of the Fallen which I hardly care about. Good news is the Transformers Animated new wave from Hasbros should be coming in retail this month. I hope it will be sooner in Singapore than US.

Time to get Transformers Animated again. :)


moemoekyun said…
I still wonder transformers originaly from japan but not became hits at that time then mattel bought the license and became hits in western country since they make the cartoon
but why takara tomy made the animated version too late and more expensive than hasbro @_@ ??
chrismandesign said…
OMG... i wanna put my hands at least on three of them... i had Starscream, Megatron & Bulkhead in Hasbro version but change them for Takara’s Optimus, Megatron & Bulkhead... i should wait’em for a long time, not only because i’m broke but because the Takara versions cost more than double !!!... the pearled/metallic finish makes them look luxurious & fancy =O
Nice chrome but still another wave of variants. In my opinion, the animated Prime is durable and value for money. The one I gave to my two-year-old still stands tall.
LEon said…
TakaraTomy is known for it quality especially paint job. Maybe since the Transformers animated series ended, they now can know how many series to expect.

Yes the metallic paint look very worthwhile.

If it can survive a kid playing for two years, it should be good quality.
chubbybots said…
I prefer these series than the movie versions. The megatron looks really good :D Too bad I can't expand my collection already haha...too much gundams XD

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