Red Packets (Angbao) Design for Otakus?

It's always in a Chinese New Year tradition for the elder especially the married to give to the juniors (who are not married) Red Packet aka Angbaos. Most of the time inside the Red packet are some token of money. The amount of the content may vary.

The red packet would have some design with wording or wishes that suppose to be positive like bring good fortune for the new year. Through the times, the design of the red packets had changed but the essence of blessing remains. Since now most of the younger generation are into Japanese Anime and some even called themselves Otaku, here are some of the design I came out with to collaborated these two culture together just for the fun of it.

For Lucky Star I think I do not need to explain much. The wording "吉星高照" means Lucky star shine upon you.

As for Keroro Gunso, it's "心想事成" meaning you will get whatever your heart desire. For keroro I am pretty sure he wanted lot of Gunpla. So that for you Gunpla fans! LOL

Ikkitousen design is for those that love mature anime. The wording "一马当先" instead of "一骑当千" means One horse above the rest. Have a good start and be the first or winner in everything you do.

Last but not least since the coming year is Chinese Zodiac Tiger, here's a fierce but cute looking Palm-size tiger from Toradora! for you guys. Have a good year ahead with great strength and good health like the tiger. ROAR!!

The template of the red packet was taken from Kong technology with some modification on the design of course. :)

So which one is your favourite?


Anonymous said…
*_* awesome design but I don't think will get one this time ^^ Happy CNY anyway
janus lu said…
If I got the 'Ikkitousen' ang pow, I think I won't simply give it to another. First, I am still single, second, no need to explain more, you know that... :3
They are all very nice but the last one is especially for this year. Happy CNY and may all those well wishes go to you and family.
xuancreative said…
i want the Taigaa angpao packet!!!
chrismandesign said…
i think is a beautiful tradition, even if i actually don’t believe in luck... bout the "tiny modification" well, i never durst to think that u were involved in the massive production of Angbaos... Open the toy TM since ???? LOL
kluxorious said…
Can I have the golden angpow with moey inside? =D
chubbybots said…
Definitely Keroro for me :D With money inside even better bahahha!!!

Just kidding ^^ Wish you a happy CNY man!
desmond said…
Wish you and your family a happy chinese new year with good health and gong xi fa chai :P
LEon said…
Happy CNY to you too!

@Janus Lu
I know a lot of guys will go for that. LOL

Happy Lunar New year to you and your family too. :D

Go get it printed if you have a printer? :P GOng xi Fa cai to you!

it's just a concept for fun. not real angbao. LOL

Can... unless I get it printed and you come visiting with two oranges like tradition and you must be single.

I know Keroro is your pick. Gong xi fa cai buddy!

Gong xi fa cai to you and your family with good health and wealth. :) Big year for you ya? ;)
Gong Xi Fa Cai to you... hope you will have a healthy and prosperous new year.... gong xi gong xi....
Hey bro...wishing you a great CNY! Gong Xi Gong Xi...Huat!
LEon said…
You have a healthy and prosperous new year too! :D

@Little Plastic Man
Huat ah!! More $$ for our Juniors. LOL
Anonymous said…
The tiger is definitely my favorite, it really match with the year and it's a very cute looking tiger ^^
LEon said…
The Tiger is from Toradora! The anime quite cute too. LOL
Juliana said…
I like all the Ang Pow designs, especially the tiger one, since this is its year! :)

Happy New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family! :D
King Kong said…
I'm a bit biased when I say I like the tiger design, but Ikkitousen looks great too!
LEon said…
Gong xi fa cai to you too! I like Tiger too. LOL

@King Kong
your template rockz. It inspire me to do these Anime related angbao. LOL

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