Preview Bulma Dragonball Evolution by Enterbay

It's another Dragonball Tuesday again!

Almost one year ago, Dragonball Evolution hit the big screen. I was invited to the Dragonball Evolution premiere and like most Dragonball fan, I felt rather disappointed but the female casting kinda saved the movie for me. Thanks to the pretty Bulma and the sexy Asian looking ChiChi. When Enterbay announced they are going to release the Dragonball Evolution figures, I was looking forward to the female cast in particular and I am glad the wait is over.

Say Hello to Bulma from Dragonball Evolution.

For the first female Masterpiece Figure of Enterbay, I must say they did a splendid job to capture Emmy Rossum.

Click here to check out more pictures of Emmy Rossum as Bulma from Enterbay.

Now I am waiting for Chi Chi! :D


saruman said…
I want my Bulma!!!!
chrismandesign said…
it seems to b as detailed as hot toys figures or even more... the figure itself is impressive, amazingly sculpted, but she doesn’t take my breath away... & i’m in agreement with u and even more... the movie is not only dissapointing but a fake, at least for me...
Really look very real! Well done Enterbay!
kluxorious said…
holy shit thats a nice face sculpture!
LEon said…
Go get it! Btw you have any enterbay figure before?

Well the producer of the movie Stephen chow was very upset with the director as the director went a rather different direction from how Stephen wanted to go.

Enterbay is going places I tell you.

That what my first reaction was too! LOL
Ant Sized Man said…
Enterbay sure know how to capture a likeness as with there Bruce Lee which i own.
Seems like a starnge sort of license for them though.
Anonymous said…
enterbay always did an awesome job in their products...with a crazy prize too. But I still think it is worth the prize considering the quality.
Do you plan to get one?
saruman said…
haven't got any enterbay figure yet..
LEon said…
@Ant Sized Man
As long they are consistent in their product, they will go somewhere.

I don't have the budget to get one. :(

Maybe this would be the first of many to come. ;)
desmond said…
The head sculpt is very good but the likeness should be improved further. Doesn't look like the actor.
LEon said…
The face do resemble pretty well for me. Maybe my standard too low. LOL

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