The Nancy Dressing Game

I do not want to stereotype but in my childhood, girls are encourage to play with dolls. You know dressing up dolls? I never knew the fun of it being a boy but most of the girls I know enjoyed that very much. Even though in the early 1980s, Barbies had existed, not many children of my generation can afford it. They were a cheap alternative and that is having paper (most of the time cardboard) dressing up dolls.

I discover this as I was doing house cleaning and it belong to my wife. I asked her if it was alright for me to share this in my Toy blog as a Vintage. She agree on one condition that I do not open or tear the paper toys out. So I shall do this review without actually removing the toy.

This game book consist of paper dolls, dresses and other accessories. The marker called it "Nancy Dressing Game". It was written in three languages, English, Chinese and Bahasa Malayu.

If you are in the same generation as me living in my region, you will find the drawing of the girls were taken reference from a popular Japanese cartoon called Candy Candy 小甜甜 in the 1970s.

Anyway this paper game was produced in Malaysia. That very much explain the 3 languages printed in 1991. That's almost 20 years ago!

However I remember this game goes way back in early 80s or so. Hm...

On the first page of the game booklet, there were two paper dolls in simple garments. These are the basic building block of the dressing game.

As I flip to the pages, there were many colorful dresses for them. Ranging from Tea dress and ballroom dresses.

Some comes with Hats...

In some cases, you can change the hair style.

and accessories. All you need is to pull out the paper dressing out of the cardboard and hook the dress over the paper doll.

The game concept was simple and it was popular for the girls during my time. I am pretty sure this fun and cheap game concept will still appeal to the younger generation of girls although I didn't really get to see such paper game on sales anymore.

Well I did a dressing up game in flash sometime ago... anyway do you think this will interest the young girls of this generation?


Anonymous said…
reminds me the story behind barbie doll when ruth handler seeing her daughter playing with this inspired her to making doll with variation clothes
and I remember I have this one sticker ver and paper ver kinda nostalgic ^^ since I play both boys and girls toys I did play with my sister's barbie doll lol
kluxorious said…
wow. this brings back some good memories =)
chrismandesign said…
in my country, this kind of cardboard toy for girls, was really unusual, i mean, perhaps the girls did their own paper toys with a plane white cardboard hand painted or with magazine clippings like a collage or even with pieces of cloth... something less "sophisticated" but with the same fun... he, he, i didn’t remember to play with dolls LOL XDDDDD... but i’m pretty sure of something: i would love to own a Wonder Woman, a Supergirl & a Batgirl Collector Barbie Dolls, they r absolutely gorgeous (& expensive as well), i don’t mind what ppl think bout that, i have no prejudices with collection figures...
LEon said…
If you have sister then it is understandable sometime you play their toys when they play with you.

Glad it bring you back some memories. :)

You are right. there is a recent movement for barbie to shake the color pink off their products due to some demanding woman movement. No comment on that tho. LOL
i still love things like that. the with tabs only make my smile.

LEon said…
@Dutch purple Rabbit
Good to hear from you again. You have such game over at your end too? :D

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