Miku Hatsune The World is Mine Alternate Version?

Last September, GoodSmile Company, the supercell feat did a Hatsune Miku, World is Mine which cost 8,800 Yen which you can hang it on wall.

This display was featured in last year AFA09 and it was popular piece. However I didn't really go for her even thought Miku gave a seductive look laying there on the checker fabric. Sorry Miku I am only more into your music and dancing.

Well in this year winter fest come another version by another company which make Miku more seductive NSFW ... and it selling cheaper at 7,000 Yen..

maybe that is not Miku... What do you think? Any Vocaloid or Miku fans going for this?


Chappy said…
I don't really like World is Mine version of Miku. So not Miku of her. >.< Now this is more unacceptable for me.
chrismandesign said…
i’m not a vocaloid fan, so i hav no prejudice bout these figures that looks so sexy, erotic to b precise & precious in general terms... if the vocaloid keens want to "rend their garments" it’s ok... i like the most "world is mine" version, really gorgeous & expensive, but i would have the bucks, i’ll pay for her gladly =PPPPP
LEon said…
I agree with you. The world is mine by Good smile was too foxy. Don't really have miku persona there for me.

I think most guys will go for the lesser garment version...

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