Hong Kong mcdonald Pig Doraemon Lucky Charm

My Hong kong friend learned that we wanted to decorate my baby bed with the doreamon lucky charm and we couldn't complete it as we are waiting for Singapore mcdonald to bring in the zodiac Pig in April. She then decided to get from Hong Kong and post to us. She went a step further by adding on some baby gift for my son. We felt so loved.

Since I got the toy with me, I decided to do a review to see what's the different between Singapore and Hong Kong mcdonald Doreamon Lucky Charm.

For start you can see that HongKong mcdonald put in extra effort into their packaging. Singapore only comes with a plastic bag but Hong Kong had box within the clear plastic bag with beautiful box art!

The top of the box you have Doreamon sticking his tongue out. It very kitty looking. Remember Doraemon is after all still a robot cat.

Yes this is the zodiac PIG! Not CuPID damn it!

At the back of the box lies one of Doraemon famous gadget which can transform anything into minuscule sizes, Small light... I know it sound weird. It is likely because it just directly translated. Salute to Hong Kong Mcdonalds for designing such wonderful packaging that attract others to have their own collection as Mint in Seal Boxes.

Now open the toy and here's the missing Pig in full glory. It has satisfied face. Seems like he like being a Pig.

I like the pig ears and the curly pig tails of his. So cute!

Finally I can replaced the Cupid with this cute pig soft toy...

Don't worry about Cupid, I have placed him somewhere fitting for it.

Finally the circle is completed. Just in time for the Chinese Lunar New year. :D


chubbybots said…
Congrats on completing the circle and also most importantly on little your bundle of joy man ^^ Happy CNY!!!
chrismandesign said…
oh ! what a beautiful piggy Doraemon & the box design is really nice & neat... but i can’t understand the notorious differences in presentation for products of the same company in two countries relatively close ???!!! end of... those r just hateful marketing policies...
moemoekyun said…
congratulation happy early CNY anyway :D
one point + for hongkong
kluxorious said…
i still don't get it why did they replace the pig? =\
KazeTora said…
Congrats, man. Now the circle looks much better. Hahaha. Cupid can kiss piggy-dora's *** byebye. Hahaha.
Astro Galaxy said…
The Hong Kong verison got box and looks so nice too!
Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!
Wow! Complete liao! You got wide contacts bro! I hope everything is fine so far. Sorry, can't catch up with you these past few days cos had some hicupps at work.
LEon said…
Happy CNY to you too! :D

Yes. Most of the time, is the people who make the policy.

My hands on HK as well. SG only want cheaper, better, faster and that what you get.

some "smart" guy assume having a pig soft toy at a halah restaurant will offend some group of people. Apparently such group are not that particular as they are more mature while doing so putting down another group of people who are into chinese zodiac. So that's that.

I see you share my sentiment too. LOL

Thank bro! Happy Lunar New year to you and family too!

No problem bro. Happy CNY to you and your family. :)
Anonymous said…
Cute :D
boxed packaging sure makes it more valuable from a collectors point of view
LEon said…
That's right. If only Singapore mcdonalds put in such effort...

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