Google’s Android™ Mascot 3" set of 12 Vinyl Figures

If you have following Google’s Android™ rather than iPhone, you would know that Google’s Android™ had their own mascot.

The artist Andrew Bell, an avid Android user himself, teamed up with some friends at Google to bring their little green mascot to life.

Series 1 features 12 different designs in blind-boxed cases of 16. Each vinyl figure stands 3” tall and features a rotating head and arms.  Some of them in the blind-boxed are rare!

I have to say I am quite fond of these guys. Anyone want to get one of these because I am quite keen to get some of these. Let me know. :)

Android™, related logo and character design are trademark Google Inc. and are used under license.


chrismandesign said…
OMG... LEon, these androids r amazing, u know i love this kind of toys & i never saw’em before "O___@ buaaahhhhh snif =(((
LEon said…
this is the new series of toys which will be out within this two weeks or so. If you want, let me know. I maybe getting some. I just got my android phone btw. Loving it. :D
As a customer of Google.... I would want this... hope they're not so expensive...
chubbybots said…
They will make excellent collection with my figures :D Kinda reminds me of R2D2 in a way haha ^^

I love the red and yellow ones!
kluxorious said…
So want! Tell me how much it is and I might consider getting one or two of it.
Anonymous said…
Looks like ugly dolls and domo have friends this time
Anonymous said…
it's a very good thing that they turn their mascot into collectible toys, and they come with various color scheme too :D
LEon said…
@David John
I plan to get this too. If you are keen, email me?

Yes very droid looking like R2D2. If you are keen, contact me too!

Sure contact me too! Maybe I can do a mass order. :D

Ya I guess they wanted a robot friend. LOL Do you want one for yourself too?

Ya. Apple and Microsoft never believe in mascot. LOL Wait they do have a apple as branding while MS have a window and a butterfly. LOL You want one if I do a Mass order?

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